10 of the strangest diseases in the world

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Werewolf syndrome is a very rare and very strange disease that some people suffer from.

There are many diseases in the world today. Most we have heard of before. Then, there are those that we have never heard of before and they are some really weird ones. Although they might sound like they couldn’t possibly be real, they are. However, they are very rare. From the vampire syndrome to the werewolf syndrome, here are 10 of the strangest diseases in the world today.

  1. The Walking Dead Syndrome

The walking dead syndrome is a very rare mental condition that makes a person not only think they are missing some body parts but that they are actually really dead. Those who suffer from this disease won’t eat or take a bath or shower and you can often find them in cemeteries wishing they were among ‘their own kind’ or what they think is their own kind, that is. The symptoms from this disorder are caused by a dysfunction in the brain that is connected to emotions and recognizing faces, even their own. This causes a complete disconnection with their own identity. Although there are medications to treat this disease, electroconvulsive therapy is said to work better as treatment for it.

  1. Stone Man Syndrome

This very rare and very strange disorder causes soft tissue to turn into bone over a period of time. There is a gene found in the bones that is responsible for turning soft tissue into bone over time as children develop. However, the ossification of this disease can cause it to go unchecked for many years causing the sufferer’s skeletal muscle to turn to bone and even causing joints to fuse together. This disorder only happens in one out of one million people. However, there is no cure or even treatment known for it.

  1. Tree Man Syndrome

What may look like tree bark growing out of someone’s skin is really not a tree at all but actually warts. Exposure to sunlight makes this syndrome worse. Although the warts may be benign early on in the disease, they can turn to cancer over time. Although there is no cure, there are treatments available for this disease.

7. Allergy to Cold

This disease causes an allergy to anything cold, even cold weather. More specifically, contact with cold weather or anything cold can cause a histamine reaction just like when you are allergic to bees and get stung by one or more. The allergy caused by anything cold can cause itchy hives and swelling of the affected area just like with an allergy to peanuts or bees. If someone suffering from this disease has a really bad reaction and their tongue and throat swells from it, they can actually die. There is no known cause of this disease but anything over-the-counter for seasonal allergies can treat it.

  1. Elephantiasis

This disease happens when a person’s legs or testicles swell very large. This very rare disease can be caused by many different things. However, getting bitten by a mosquito that is carrying it is the most common way to get it. There have been over 40 million people in the world that have contracted this disease. Although there are medications available to treat it, they will only work if it is caught early enough. Surgery is also an option but only for the testicles and not the legs or arms.

  1. Vampire syndrome

We already know we all need sunlight to help us get the Vitamin D we need but we also know that too much sun can cause skin cancer. However, there are certain people that are actually allergic to the sun and cannot be exposed to any of it. This disease is typically called Vampire syndrome since one in one million people have it and cannot be exposed to the sun at all. When those who suffer from this disease are exposed to the sun, they can end up with severe sunburn, breakdown of the skin, and even skin cancer easier than the rest of us. Much easier.

  1. Water allergy

Since our bodies are mostly made of water, it seems pretty weird that anyone can be allergic to it. However, there are people who suffer from this condition. It is not really a true allergy though because it does not react to histamines. However, there are some people who end up with itchy hives and welts on their body just from a little bit of exposure to it. The most common treatment for this type of condition is typically an application of capsaicin. Makes you wonder how they keep themselves clean.

  1. Werewolf syndrome

Many women pluck the hair from their eyebrows to keep the extra hair down. However, there are some people who have a rare disease that many people call werewolf syndrome. This means they have lots of hair all over their bodies, even hair covering their face. This disease can either be caused by genetics or caused by using some type of medication or product such as anti-bald medication or product.

  1. Foreign accent syndrome

Having an accent can reveal a lot of information about where people are from. However, there is actually a very rare and unusual condition that causes people to talk in a foreign accent even though they have never been to that part of the world ever. Many people call it foreign accent syndrome and when someone has it, they can even talk in many different accents at once and can even blend the accents together. This disease is usually caused by the person having some sort of brain injury or a stroke. There is only one treatment for it and it has to do with speech therapy to get the person to start speaking in their own way.

1. Progeria or 80-year-old children

Progeria is a disease in children where they grow old, fast. It is caused by one defect in the child’s genetic code and has severe and life changing consequences. The average age for a child to live up to when suffering from this disease is only 13-years-old. Not only do they age so fast that they look like an elderly person but they even go through what elderly people go through with their bodies including premature balding, heart disease, and even arthritis in their bones and joints. This disease is so rare that there are only 49 people in the world with it. However, there is actually one family that has 5 children, all with this disease. How sad!

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