10 Things to Do This Summer on a Budget

pennies Being on a tight budget doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Whether you’re on your own or looking for something to do with your family, there are plenty of free or low-budget options. Here are 10 ideas to get you started for things to do this summer on a budget.

Take Your Kids to the Park

One of the most popular things to do during the summer is a trip to the park. It could be a small, play park for your children where you get to play on the swings and slides. If it’s large enough, you could take a ball and play kick or catch. This is also great fun with friends if you don’t have children of your own. You may be lucky enough to live near a country park with walking trails, which are great ways to get out of the house and have some fun exploring.

Go for a Picnic Somewhere

How about a picnic? As the weather becomes nicer, you want to get out and enjoy it. A picnic is a great way of doing that, whether you’re with friends or your family. Grab a small bag or basket and pack a blanket with snacks. Make your own sandwiches and treats to keep the cost down.

Visit the Free Museums

Many museums around the world now offer free days. For example, the Louvre offers free entry on the first Sunday of every month. It’s worth finding out when the free days in your local area are, and taking a trip out. You and your family can learn all sorts.

Take a Trip to the Beach

If you have a beach nearby, why not choose that as your day out? Like the park, it’s a free option and you can go with friends or family members. You may want to take a little money just so you can get an ice cream while out.

Borrow a Movie


While the summer usually has hot days, there are times that the rain comes down. You want to spend the time indoors, and you can do that in a fun way. The libraries are usually full of DVDs to rent, as well as books, so why not borrow a movie? You could even have a weekly movie night with the family without breaking the budget.

Check Out the Coupons

Whether you look in the paper or online, there are usually coupons for trips out. Most of them are “kids go free” offers for particular places, and will definitely help you stick to a budget. The zoo, aquarium and movie theater are all places that tend to do these types of offers.

Watch the Fireworks

There are a lot of places that do fireworks during the summer. After all, Independence Day is just around the corner. You don’t need to pay for entry to see the fireworks. Pick a spot just on the outskirts of the event and you’ll be able to see the lights above without an issue.

Have Fun at Mini Golf

Mini golf is a popular pastime, and something that kids love. It’s also great for a group of friends to pass the time, without breaking the bank. Check out your local mini golf course and take a trip for a day.

Go to the Dollar Store

You’ll be surprised at the things you can find in the dollar store. They have funky glasses, hats and craft products. Why not take a trip and have fun trying a few things on? You don’t necessarily need to buy everything. Make it clear that everyone can have one item at the end of it all to keep the cost down.

Camp Out in the Backyard

Who said you have to go somewhere to camp and have fun? You’ll be surprised at what you can turn your garden into. Pitch your tent, pull out the barbecue, and have yourself a camping trip to remember. Don’t forget the flashlights for the ghost stories.

You don’t need to spend a fortune this summer. The above are just 10 things to do on a budget. Are you ready to enjoy your time and save your wallet at the same time?

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