5 Ideas to Personalize Gift Card Giving

Personalize gift card giving

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Even though they say that giving a gift card is the gift that keeps on giving and what many people really want, sometimes it feels a little lame giving them. It can feel dry and un-personal. Yet, at the same time, they are a great idea because the lucky gift—ee can then buy exactly what they want. And there is a way to personalize the gift card experience and make it work even better. Below- are 5 ideas to personalize gift card giving that will not take up too much extra time.

  1. Buy a gift card from a particular place or shop. This way you have to familiarize yourself with the person’s favourite past-times and that definitely is more personal. Do they love going to the movies? Do they love buying movies? Do they go to the museum a lot? Do they eat  at a certain restaurant or better yet- would they like to eat at a certain restaurant?  Is there a shop they love? Now when you buy the gift card from any of those places, it demonstrates you have spent time on their gift.
  2. Add a small personal gift to the gift card so they have something to open. Ideas are: Trendy, fun socks, funky reading glasses, chocolates, a paperback, specialty magazine, a decorative candle, a fun cosmetic.
  3. Add a gift that goes with the gift card for further emphasis. For instance, give the man on your list a gift card to a local lumber and tool shop and add a little screwdriver, tape measure or small hammer.
  4. Turn it into an entire theme gift. Okay, so you’re giving your best friend a gift card from a movie shop and you want to personalize it. Add a box of fancy popping corn, and a bottle of wine to go with the movie. Now you have given them a whole fun evening and they may even share with you!
  5. Make the gift card an extra, not the main gift. Perhaps you want to spend a little more on a gift for that special someone.This way the gift card becomes an extra, not the main focus.For example,you’ve bought your wife a fabulous piece of jewelry, or a gorgeous sweater and to go the extra mile you include a little gift card for that shop or maybe a place that means something personal to both of you.


These ideas show you’ve gone the extra mile and are so easy to incorporate into your gift card giving. Below are four categories to explore for personal ideas which will make you look good in the gift buying department.

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