5 Key Foreign Travel Tips

Foreign Travel TipsThese 5 Foreign Travel Tips Can Save Your Life

Taking the steps outlined in this post can provide you, and your family, with peace of mind. In case something unwanted occurs these steps can truly save your life. For various reasons, the world we live in these days is a dangerous place. Keeping informed is a very important part of travel planning.


Foreign Travel Tips #1 – Learn About S.T.E.P.

The Safe Traveller Enrollment Program is your best way to stay informed before, during and after any trip that you make abroad. When you are enrolled in this free program, provided by the United States Government, you will receive constant updates about the area in which you are traveling. Other aspects of the program, discussed within this post, will ensure that your travel plans and itinerary is known and on record with the U.S. government, through its consulates and embassies around the world.


Foreign Travel TipsForeign Travel Tips #2 – Enroll Each Travel Abroad Trip and Itinerary

When you enroll each of your travel abroad trips with the U.S. government via the S.T.E.P. process, you have increased the support and help that the U.S. government can provide to you anytime you travel. While you are still eligible for aid and assistance as a United States citizen, giving your government a heads up about your travel plans helps the embassies and consulates do a better job for you.


Foreign Travel Tips #3 – Subscribe to U.S. Travel Alerts and Warnings Program

Being subscribed to this free service from the United States Government provides you with information on travel warnings and alerts all over the world. You select the countries for which you want to be informed about any type of warning or alert relevant to U.S. citizen travel in those countries.


Foreign Travel TipsForeign Travel Tips #4 – Subscribe to the CDC HAN Network

Whenever you are planning to travel abroad make sure you check with the Center for Disease Control website, destinations page. This will give you all the latest information about various international destinations.


Foreign Travel Tips #5 –¬†Check With Your Medical Caregiver¬†

Make sure any time you are planning a trip abroad you advise your doctor or health provider about your planned trip. Giving them advance notice allows them to check on any precautions you should take before, during and after your trip.

If you follow advice on provided in these 5 Foreign Travel Tips you trip will be safer, healthier and much more enjoyable for you, your family, and anyone left behind in your country. Your embassy will be aware you are in the area and help you remain aware and alert to any type of dangers or situations of which you should be made aware.

Images Credit: Public Domain (U.S. Government)

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