5 Major Misconceptions about Writing Pitches

misconception about writing pitches

Your success as a freelancer is based in a large part upon how well you pitch to editors. Of course, you also need to be able to write the articles that you pitch too. Unfortunately, most freelancers have some misconceptions about pitching that hold them back from getting work.


Misconception about Writing Pitches #1:

It’s OK to Use Templates


You can’t use a stock template and expect to get good results. Instead, take the time to develop a list of people you want to contact, then custom-craft a pitch for each of these prospects. This allows you to connect with the editor and show that you really understand what they’re looking for. You’ll also stand out more, which is important.


Misconception about Writing Pitches #2:

Don’t Worry about the Environment


Don’t undervalue yourself, which is what a lot of freelancing websites cause you to do. On these sites it often comes down to how inexpensive you are instead of how much value you can offer. Plus, you’ll never be able to build a long-term, profitable business with these folks.


Misconception about Writing Pitches #3:

Only Your Idea Really Matters


Remember. A pitch involves a lot more than simply talking about the job. In the beginning, you need to think about the other things that your potential client may be considering. For this reason, it’s vital to have a professional website or blog with samples of your work and testimonials from satisfied clients. This allows you to build trust and authority, which is important because clients need to know that you’ll complete their work on time, without any issues.


Misconception about Writing Pitches #4:

You’re Only Pitching an Idea


Remember. You’re pitching much more than an idea or a service. You’re pitching an outcome. With this in mind, you should know that your potential client wants to know what will happen for their business if they agree to work with you.

Misconception about Writing Pitches #5:

The Editor Isn’t Part of Your Target Audience


Your editor is essentially your first reader. For this reason, you need to hook him with a great introduction and description of the article. This is important because editors are after an article that will suit their audience.


I know that some of these things are difficult to believe but in my years of experience as a freelance writer, I’ve seen that they are indeed true. So, I hope you’ll heed some of these things on your way to becoming a great freelance writer.

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