5 Moments Nina Dobrev Showed Off Her Acting Ability on The Vampire Diaries

5 Moments Nina Dobrev Showed Off Her Acting Ability on The Vampire Diaries

Nina Dobrev may have confirmed that she is leaving The Vampire Diaries at the end of this season, but there will be six seasons worth of acting to watch on the show. The 26-year-old definitely proved to audiences around the world that she could act, whether she was playing a scared teenager or a manipulative 500-year-old vampire.

Here are five moments that Nina Dobrev really showed off her acting ability on The Vampire Diaries.

Threatening the Salvatore Brothers as Katherine

Back in season two, Katherine Pierce seemed to be one of the big bads that everyone needed to stop. It turned out that she was a manipulative vampire on the run from the Original Vampires after killing herself with vampire blood in her system.

However, during one of the more manipulative points, Damon calls to tell her that he’s killed Mason. At first she seems shocked, but she soon puts her poker face back on and warns him that she has other plans—going through the alphabet to make Damon and Stefan worry about their lives and the lives of their (Elena’s) friends.

Katherine’s Introduction

Nobody made a better introduction that Katherine Pierce. Sure, she’d been mentioned before now and there had been flashbacks, but the season one finale was the first time we got to see the modern day Katherine Pierce, and Nina certainly played the part well.

It was difficult to tell if it was Elena or not at first. There were a few hints looking back, but at the time many believed that John Gilbert was talking to his niece/daughter. The only real give away was the moment Katherine cut John’s fingers off with the knife and then stabbed him in the gut.

Nina Plays Elena as Katherine as Elena

Trying to play two characters as once wasn’t easy for Nina, but she managed it. However, season five led to the removal of various doppelgangers, one of those being Katherine. It wasn’t so easy to begin with. Katherine decides that she doesn’t want to die, and takes over Elena’s body.

In comes Nina, acting as Katherine, acting as Elena. For the viewers, it was easy to see that it wasn’t Elena considering by this point we’d gotten used to her style as both characters; the subtle differences made it much more believable while easier to watch. However, it took some time for the characters to cotton onto what had happened.

Elena Realizes Jeremy Is Dead

Season four led to the death of Jeremy—no not just any death but what should have been a permanent death. In the end they got around it, but there was the moment for fans that it looked like it was the end. The moment Elena finally realized and accepted that Jeremy was dead was the biggest moment of them all.

Nina had acted grieve-driven before, but this scene was the best of them all. It was the moment she realized she was on her own, for all of eternity. Many fans have since made videos using that one scene, some have even done crossovers between Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries, including my favorite below.


Those who say they didn’t cry at this scene were likely lying. It was difficult not to feel the emotion coming from Nina during the whole scene.

Katherine Pierce Dying

500 years as a vampire soon caught up on Katherine in season five. After being fed the cure in the season four finale, she had to be human again but was quickly losing teeth and her hair. Her feet hurt and her organs quickly started shutting down to the point where she had episodes to live. In short, she was dying of old age, despite only looking in her 20s.

It couldn’t have been easy to act as Katherine dying of old age. There were various sides of Katherine that we saw during these few episodes, including the vulnerable one looking for redemption.

Nina has had the fortunate chance of playing multiple characters within on show. On The Vampire Diaries, she has played a human, a vampire, a doppelganger, an anchor and so much more. She has died and been brought back to life more times than anyone can count (although probably fewer times than Jeremy and Bonnie!), and she even got to play a humanity-free Elena for a short time. Nina has definitely had the chance to show that she can act, and there is a bright future for her in the TV/movie world.

Image by Gage Skidmore/CC-2.0

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