5 (More) Netflix Shows That Won’t Disappoint

When we first subscribed to Netflix, we didn’t know where to start because most of the show-movie-documentary offerings, they had- I hadn’t really heard of before. But the two greats: Madmen and then, Breaking Bad got us right into the swing of mild binge watching, so we went on a hunt for more.

I asked family members and friends what else is good and it worked. We went on a ‘great-Netflix-shows-watching-spree’ and became addicted and enjoyed every minute of it. And  the ‘great  shows on Netflix’ just keep on coming! Here are 5 (More) Netflix shows that won’t disappoint you.

The Fall

This riveting series about a serial killer in Northern Ireland is not for children or the faint of heart, as it shows the semi graphic, cruel and frightening deaths of several female victims. Gillian Anderson(X-Files) plays the ice queen Superintendent senior cop and Jamie Dornan ,(recently, 50 Shades of Grey) plays the serial killer she is pursuing. Eery and at times difficult to watch, the direction is intriguing and keeps you on the edge of your seat.

2 Seasons, with #3 coming up soon.

House Of Cards

Superb acting by Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright along with cut-throat politics keep the interest high in this series. Although Spacey’s southern drawl can get a bit annoying at times, the great storyline and Spacey’s character – the politician, Frank Underwood, who becomes the new love-to-hate persona keep the interest high. Robin Wright is also excellent as Claire, the enabling politician’s wife who is also on a political agenda. Just what  the Underwoods will do next and whether they will succeed keeps the viewer spellbound.

3 Seasons, with #4 on its way in 2016


Flash-forwards and flashbacks start the mystery off right away in this gripping drama about a family who is not quite welcoming of their newly returned black sheep family member. Ben Mendelsohn is the wayward brother/son who tries to creep back into the family fold but all, except his mother (Sissy Spacek), suspect him of an agenda. Kyle Chandler plays the eldest son who is a cop and it becomes evident that every family member depends on him to keep it all together. 

Filmed in the gorgeous visuals of the Florida Keys ,the  many ‘ocean view’ scenes are a pleasure to watch.The story plays with your feelings and you’re never quite sure about your suspicions or your assumptions. And just what is the bad thing this family does? You’ll be binge watching just to find out.

1 Season, with #2 recently confirmed and on its way in 2016

American Odyssey

Filmed in the deserts of North Africa, this thriller/drama intrigues all the way through. When a female Special Forces soldier, (Anna Friel), a corporate lawyer and a political activist all  discover the shocking truth that a major corporation is actually funding and supporting jihadists, the action is on. Good performances, great characters, lots of action and nail-biting in this one.

1 Season, with #2 not confirmed yet

Crossing Lines

A crime drama that features a specialized law enforcement unit that is brought together to fight crime across the now borderless European Union. And with all their unique talents and tools, the unit make a kind of mean and modern Mod Squad.

The pleasant surprise was when the regulars in this star cast included Donald Sutherland, who plays Michael Dorn, inspector of the International Criminal Court, and William Fichtner, playing the wounded ex-cop brought back into action. And so far this exciting series has , although it missed the hit mark in the first Season. It became a hit in the International market, however, and now they are looking at a 3rd Season.

2 Seasons, with #3 on the burner

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