5 Natural Aids That Will Improve Your Eczema

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Even though there are many causes of eczema (and psoriasis),many believe this itchy and uncomfortable skin disorder has as its source- poor digestion,food allergies and stress. Here are  5 natural aids that will improve your eczema-naturally and without side effects.

1)Flax Seed Oil Capsules                       

5 natural aids that will improve your eczema

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Flax seed oil or linseed oil contains both the rich omega 3 and the omega 6 fatty acids and has superb anti-inflammatory properties.This rich source of alpha-linolenic- acid makes it a wonderful supplement for the skin.

Capsules are recommended if possible, because they are convenient and easy to take. And in the matter of improving a condition, consistency is everything.

Be sure the flax seed oil is organic and of high quality. Flax seed oil is usually available in 1000 mg. capsules.

Try one or two capsules or even three daily for the first while to give your new regime a boost-start. If taking the liquid, follow the instructions. It’s usually 1 tbsp. per serving.

2) Fish Oil Capsules

The combination of both the flax and the fish oil seems to work well in improving skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Fish oil contains both EPA(eicosapenteinoic acid) and DHA(docosahexaenoic acid) which help to regulate oil production as well as boost collagen, but is also an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory to soothe and repair tissue.

If you are already taking flax seed oil then, 1000mg along with the same amount of flax in capsules is a sufficient good dosage. If you have severe skin problems, you may want to add another either flax seed oil or fish oil capsule so your total is 3000 mg. per day of the combination oils- to get them into your system more quickly. You can cut back later, once you see results.

Look for pure, molecularly distilled fish oil from a sustainable source. Consult with a natural health associate to ensure a quality product, with no aftertaste. 

3) Probiotics              

5 natural aids to improve eczema

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An abundance of harmful bacteria in the gut can aggravate a skin condition and even be the cause of it. Probiotics help add beneficial bacteria into the very source of the problem. While any quality probiotic will aid the status of good bacteria, broad spectrum probiotics will address more issues.

The higher the count of good bacteria, the better it will improve the condition, building immunity from within. Look for probiotics that are 10 billion per capsule and up, to make a real difference. Don’t be afraid to take a few capsules per day at first. Dosage can be reduced later.

4) Digestive Enzymes

We all have natural digestive enzymes that break down the foods we eat so that we can benefit from the nutrients they provide. Enzymes are produced in our saliva, stomachs, pancreas and small intestines.There are a multitude of factors that may prevent our own natural enzymes from working at their peak, including food allergies, digestive disorders, stress, etc.

Excess gas, bloating, nausea, constipation, undigested food in your stool, etc. are all indications that your own digestive enzymes may not be working optimally.

This may impact the amount of toxins in your system and ultimately worsen skin conditions such as, eczema and psoriasis, etc.

A multi-enzyme will work best to cover all the problems. Be sure to buy  a quality product you can trust that has the amounts of each individual enzyme stated clearly. Basically one or up to two capsules need only be taken with a larger meal, or a meal where a suspected intolerant food is ingested. Generally, a light snack, fruit, veggies, or even a light meal does not warrant a digestive enzyme.

5) Topical treatment             

5 natural aids that will improve eczema

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Primarily, the strategy of this list has been to help heal the eczema from within, however, there are several topical treatments that will soothe eczema and help heal it. It’s also a good idea to go at the problem areas affected by eczema, from both within and  without at the same time.

The usual conventional medicine is a steroidal preparation and although it can soothe, it is expensive and works only as a temporary solution.

However, some people have had success with more natural products: Massaging flax seed oil topically into the affected area has helped and/or using  ‘Celadrin’ cream- also a natural and effective aid, but may be hard to find.

A wonderful cream that soothes almost all rashes, including eczema, and even ones that are microbial-based like a yeast rash, is Aroma Crystal’s Dream or Gardeners Cream. This soothing cream contains essential oils that naturally heal and soothe raw, red skin.

Final Note

All these 5 natural aids to improve your eczema are all fairly mild to take. You may have to play with the dosage (within reason), especially of the first three items,to see how much per day will best benefit you. Use the directions on the packaging as your guide but there’s nothing wrong with taking a few extra of the flax seed or fish oil, and particularly, the probiotics. It may take a week or two before you start seeing and feeling the results.

Follow instructions for the enzymes as they are a very active supplement and too much can cause heartburn, gas, etc. and consult with your doctor or natural food specialist before embarking on your new regime.

Being proactive in caring for your skin and using natural products to do so is a way we can take control of this uncomfortable and sometimes unsightly skin disorder. This regime may also help psoriasis sufferers.

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