5 of the Most Famous Hair-Raising Haunted Houses in the USA

If you happen to be planning a trip to visit any of these famous, well documented haunted houses, addresses have been included. Some already have tours and/or overnight stays.And some have been re-told in best-selling books and popular movies but all of them are guaranteed to frighten and fascinate.

It appears there is a long list of houses, penitentiaries, asylums and castles that are haunted in the US. However, the following is a list of 5 of the most famous hair-raising haunted homes and locations on the ‘America’s-Most-Haunted list’. 

Take a moment to peruse through this little list of residences and hotels that have their own brand of nightly entertainment.

The 'Overlook' Hotel from YouTube

The Stanley Hotel                    

333 East Wonderview Avenue
Estes Park, Colorado

In 1907 this now-famous, impressive hotel was built by Freelan Oscar Stanley and is best known as “the Overlook Hotel” from the well known movie, The Shining. It is situated in the Colorado Rockies, and is still a popular ‘haunt’ for ghost hunters, guests and visitors.

If you look really closely on these pages you will see a closeup of  what appears to be a small ghostly figure looking mournfully out a bay window.

Every room has been reported to house it’s own spirit , including that of the Mr. and Mrs. Stanley, themselves. And guests have reported being ‘tucked-in’ at night by a nanny-ghost as this was the habit of many nannies in the past, who cared for the children of hotel guests.

There’s been numerous reports of the hollow sound of children’s laughter as they bound up and down the halls, lights continually turn off and on and objects move from their locations. Guests have reported that unseen hands have yanked at their clothes and blankets have been taken from their beds and neatly folded.


The Villisca Axe Murder House      

5 of the most famous hair-raising haunted houses in the USA

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508 East 2nd Street
Villisca, Iowa

On June 10 in the year 1912 this white frame house in the sleepy little town of Villisca, Iowa, became the gruesome scene of a multi-person axe murder. The entire family of Mr. Josiah B. Moore were brutally hacked to death by someone who has never been identified or apprehended.

Mr. Moore, his wife, his four children plus two young girls who just happened to be overnight guests, would never see the morning light. And for those, so-very unfortunate two extra girls, it turned out to be the  sleepover from hell.

Since that horrific event, the innocent-looking house has been home to many restless spirits. Residents reported seeing the spirit of a man with an axe, and ghosts of many descriptions, young and old. They also could  hear the sounds of children crying.

Ironic, is the fact that the town’s name “Villisca”, may be a derivative of  the Indian word Wallisca which means “evil spirit”.

In 1994 the little, white frame house which had been the scene of so much tragedy, was restored to its original state, with no indoor plumbing or electricity, adding to the chill of its character.

Today lamplight tours are conducted from April through to November and for real enthusiasts an overnight stay can be arranged.

Franklin Castle

4308 Franklin Boulevard
Cleveland, Ohio 44113

In the heart of Cleveland is a castle that was built in the mid 1800’s for the mean-spirited and loud-spoken Mr. Hannes Tiedemann. There was much talk about his cruel and abusive behaviour toward his family.

Rumours and speculation abounded as slowly four of his children, his wife, his mother, his niece, and a servant all died mysteriously within the space of 3 years. Shortly after his wife died,Tiedemann left the castle and oddly enough, was never accused of any wrong doing.

Much ghostly activity is reported today, including floors that vibrate, chandeliers that spin,various cold spots and frightening growling and scratching sounds emanating from nowhere. There have even been reports of ghostly faces appearing in the woodwork.

Baby bones and skeletons have also been found in a small room, supposedly the victims of an inept doctor who later lived in the castle. The eerie sound of babies and children crying are another of the unnerving goings-on.

But, especially noteworthy, is the now familiar ghost of a woman dressed in complete black who dwells on the fourth floor. Many have reported seeing this tall, thin apparition, she is the spirit ofKaren, Hannes Tiedemann’s illegitimate daughter.

The Franklin Castle is considered the most haunted house in all of Ohio.

The Belle Witch House and Cave      

5 of the most famous hair-raising haunted houses in the USA

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430 Keysburg Road
Adams, Tennessee

The legend of poor John Belle and his family has been one of the most famous legends and hauntings in America, and has withstood the test of time.

As it goes, John Belle’s entire family came under the attack of a spirit of a vengeful local woman.The Belle Witch, as she came to be called, was really the ghost-demon of a neighbour, Kate Batts, who’s spirit became relentless in her aggression against the family.

Kate Batts claimed that John Belle had apparently cheated her out of a land deal. And on her death bed she swore she would haunt John Belle and his descendants.

The Belle Witch was true to her word as she haunted and taunted the entire Belle family for years and was eventually held responsible for the actual death of John Belle. Family members were slapped and pinched, as well as any guests that dared step foot on the property, and her disembodied voice would be heard singing, shouting, cursing and reciting scripture. 

Quite eerily, it seemed that Kate’s witch-spirit had fulfilled her purpose because when John Belle died the hauntings seemed to ‘calm-down’ remarkably afterward.

Since then, so many people have travelled to the property that the old homestead had to be torn down. Only an outbuilding remains today as well as an authentic replica of the original Belle cabin. The supposed “Belle Witch Cave”  where the spirit of Kate Batts still dwells, is a highlight of the popular tours of the area.

Over time, bizarre and unnatural happenings have been reported, including familiar reports of people being slapped and animals being spooked for no apparent reason. The legend has inspired horror movies such as the The Belle Witch and An American Haunting.

The ‘Amityville Horror’ House, Long Island, New York

108 Ocean Avenue (formerly 112 Ocean Avenue)
Amityville, Long Island, New York                                                                 

Amityville Horror House

Amityville Horror House from YouTube

Although the real horror happened in 1974 when the 23 year-old Ronald De Feo Jr. shot and killed his parents and all four of his siblings, the property’s huge notoriety comes from both a famous movie and a book called ‘The Amityville Horror”.  But, it was’t the De Feo’ s that were the source of this ‘legend’ but the The Lutz family that moved in after the murders.

George Lutz, who allegedly had dabblings in the occult, complained of altered behaviour amongst his four children, himself and his wife plus a wide range of odd goings-on in the old Dutch style home. 

Reported ,were weird and loud noises, terrible cold spots, green slime dripping from walls, pervasive odours, swarms of flies and mysterious footsteps. And as an especially unpleasant occurrence the fact was added that eyes would peer in from the outside windows. The Lutz’s fled the house in Amityville just 28 days after moving in.

However,  the entire account was later dismissed as a fabrication by a paranormal investigator, Dr. Stephen Kaplan who said their accounts were too far reaching to be authentic.

But there are many claims that the house is indeed, haunted,and  that the Lutz’s were telling the truth. The controversy goes on even to this day and involves one of the most famous ‘ghost’ photo ever taken.

And there you have it. So, just in case you become slightly bored this summer you can always embark on a little ghost hunting of  your own and visit 5 of the most famous hair-raising haunted houses in the USA. It isn’t really that far to the land of the paranormal, no matter where you live. 

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