5 Painless Ways to Beat the Christmas Rush

5 Painless Ways To Beat the Christmas Rush

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If you start now with the details you can put a big dent in that Christmas list and save stress and time later. Whether you’re cooking Christmas or not, there’s always little loose ends to tie and little necessities and gifts that pop up last minute. But it’s a cinch to get on top of it by just doing a few things now.These are 5 painless ways to beat the Christmas rush that won’t change your life right now but will get you way ahead of that last minute stress!

1)Make a list of any stocking stuffers,etc.-Make a comprehensive list of any stocking stuffers and surplus Christmas items you may need.All the little extras. If you buy for family members each year, save that list for later. When you’re writing your list of stocking stuffers, add any small extras like Christmas Crackers, festive napkins, cookie cutters, Christmas cards,   extra decorations, festive candles,more wine glasses- anything that could pop up last minute. Put this list in your purse and keep it there. Note: Add any gift certificates or cards you plan to buy for different people on this list as well.

2)Make an ‘extras’ food list: Now this doesn’t have to be for Christmas dinner, but any un-perishables that can be bought this far ahead. If you’re baking you should decide what you’re going to bake. Keep your baking plans simple and reasonable and make a list of what you will need- like flour, sugar, chocolate chips, cans of pie fruit, chopped nuts and candied fruit, cans of cranberry sauce or condensed or evaporated milk. These things can all be bought ahead of time.Put this list in your purse and keep it there.

3)Shop as you go- Now you can incorporate the purchase of a few things a little at a time while you shop. Tick off what you buy and add anything new that might come to your mind.
Picking up a few items here and a few there, feels more affordable and do-able. Then, tick each stocking stuffer, gift card, baking good off the list! This part feels so satisfying.

Are you going to the pharmacy? Well pick up those little toiletries you need for stocking stuffers- a few each time. Pick up one or two unperishables from the grocery store as you go too. Need napkins and you come upon some nice ones? Pick them up too.Are you in a shop where you were intending to buy a gift certificate for someone? Buy it now, then tick it off that list. You can spread the purchase of these things over time as you can afford them, if you’re on a budget.

4)Decorate your home as early as possible. If you’re getting a real tree, you can decorate everything else early- like put up the lights, the outdoor wreath or decoration, switch to your holiday colours in candles, table runners, and other ornaments.And, if you send cards,you can write out your Christmas cards slowly, while you watch TV. Or grab a 1/2 hour here and there and get any that you are mailing out early. The more you do ahead- the less stress you will have.

5)Plan a baking day. Are you going to freeze anything? Then you can bake these items ahead. But for those things that you want to have fresh for a party or dinner, plan to do as much ahead of time as humanly posssible. And when it comes to cooking the big dinner, make anything you can ahead for the dinner- you can make and freeze the stuffing, or the squash casserole you’re bringing to your sister’s place, etc.

Final Necessities

In the end you will have bought all the little extras for gift-giving, decorating and baking ahead of time, so all you have to do when the time approaches is buy what’s missing. Making lists for everything you need to buy and ticking off your purchases will make a world of difference to your shopping and stress time as it gets close to the big day. Then once you have all the small things done you can make a list for the main gift purchases and buy them in a few days. You will be amazed how these simple organizational tips will put the real wrap on Christmas anxiety.

5 Painless Ways To Beat the Christmas Rush

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