5 Sure-Fire Ways To Be Attacked By A Shark

alondav / Pixabay

alondav / Pixabay

In view of the recent shark attacks just north of the gorgeous waters of Myrtle Beach, it seems the age old fearsome subject of man-eating sharks is back at the water cooler. Just this past Sunday in Brunswick County, North Carolina, two teens lost an arm to a shark attack on the same beach in Oak Island. There hasn’t been such a vicious attack in quite awhile but it makes one wonder why suddenly there were two shark attacks in the same day.

Although the best step in the right direction to avoid shark attacks, is to take as many steps possible in the opposite direction of the water, there are some situations these are 5 sure-fire ways to be attacked by a shark for the novice. 

How To Get Attacked By A Shark

1) Go into the water with a fresh cut or one that has not stopped bleeding, because to a hungry shark, it smells a lot like a ready-to-eat buffet does to us. They can also taste blood in the water.

2) Go swimming in the ocean at night, dusk or dawn. Sharks are most active during this time and likely looking for a midnight snack.

3) Do not swim in groups.Swim alone and far from shore. This way the shark will snap out of his reverie really quickly and single you out. Plus when you’re alone, there’s more chance of the shark choosing you.

4) Wear lots of bling. To a hungry shark, shiny jewellery looks a lot like fish scales and makes it so much easier for them to track you down and differentiate you from weeds and driftwood.

5) If you see lots of fishing being done and bait fishing-especially in murky water- jump right in! This way the shark is already attracted to the area and is ready for anything that moves.

These are some pretty sure ways to get bitten by a shark but there is a complete list to view before considering a swim in the ocean. I didn’t add the obvious tip that if you see sharks in the water you’re almost assured, right there, that you will get bitten, but I thought the average person might already know this fact.

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