5 Reasons Weight Watchers Isn’t Working for You

Too Small for JeansWeight Watchers is a healthy eating plan, which offers a way to change your lifestyle to help you lose weight and keep it off forever. It’s so successful and good for you that doctors are recommending it. However, it seems that some people say it doesn’t work.

I will always say that one diet plan isn’t suitable for everyone. I know from experience that plans work for some people, but never worked for me. But I truly believe that Weight Watchers can work, as long as you follow it properly. As a Weight Watchers leader there are specific reasons I’ve found that the plan doesn’t work—and it’s not the plan!

Here’s the top 5 reasons Weight Watchers isn’t working for you.

1. You’re Not Following It

Signing up to Weight Watchers and getting the books isn’t enough. You need to read them and start following the plan. I hear a lot of “well, I just didn’t have the time to read through the books this week” or “I’ve not followed it yet,” and then they wonder why they gain weight.

In short, they haven’t changed their eating habits. They’re still overeating, and that’s leading to too many calories for the body. The Weight Watchers plan created a calorie deficit in a healthy way so you definitely lose weight.

If you’re not going to follow it, you can’t expect it to work. This isn’t a miracle cure…by the way, there are no miracle cures, no matter how much companies tell you they exist.

2. You’re Not Tracking Your Food and Exercise

Tracking is the most important part of Weight Watchers. Yes, it seems time consuming, but it’s so worth it when you see the loss at the scales. With the eSource and app through the Monthly Pass or Weight Watchers online options, it’s not even that hard. You can do it all on the go, and not worry about making sure you’ve added up your intake right—the computer does it for you.

Tracking exercise is just as important. I’ll get on the details in the next point, but you really need to know how many extra pro points you’re earning each week.

If you’re not tracking, you can eat up to 30-50% more than what you think you’re doing. It’s easy to forget those little bites, like the fish fingers off your toddler’s plate. They all add up.

3. You’re Just Not Eating Enough

It seems strange to say, but you really do need to eat to lose weight. I’ve seen this with many Weight Watchers members. They are so desperate for a bigger weight loss that they don’t give the body the fuel it needs. They’re then disappointed to stay the same or see a small gain, and just can’t understand it.

I had a member last week who was fed up of staying the same every week—it’s been going on for months. I convinced her last week to increase the amount she was eating, and she did. She lost 2lbs this week doing it, so it just goes to show that it does work.

Our body needs fuel, it’s as simple as that. If you’re doing exercise, it’s going to need more. Try not to get disheartened. Look at what you’re doing and see if you’re eating enough.

4. You’re Eating Too Much Fruit

This is another common problem. Fruit is healthy, but it does contain natural sugars. Yes, you really can eat too much of it!

I’ve spoken to a few members who have eat multiple boxes of grapes and strawberries each week. They then wonder why they see a weight gain at the scales.

Weight Watchers is about everything in moderation, and that includes the good stuff. Don’t just eat because you can. Listen to your body when it comes to things like fruit and vegetables. Do you really need to eat more, or are you doing it for another reason? If you see weight gains and you know you’re following it, consider your fruit intake to see if it’s too high.

5. You’re Lying to Yourself

There are members who come to me and say they’ve stuck to it. They jump on the scales and see they’ve gained weight, and then get upset because Weight Watchers isn’t working.

The one thing that I always ask is did they definitely track everything. Remember, this is key to making Weight Watchers successful. If you don’t track everything, you only end up lying to yourself. You need to write down each bite that you take, because it can soon all add up.

This is why the app is so useful, because you can track as you go. There’s no need to wait until you get home to remember…and it’s so easy to forget little things during the day. Be honest with yourself, and make sure you stay within your pro point allowance.

Is Weight Watchers not working for you? Before you give it up, take a look at your diet and what you’re doing. Make sure you’re honest with yourself and following the tips and advice from your leader. Weight Watchers leaders are proof the plan works, but it’s all about sticking to it and not lying to yourself during the week.

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