5 Smart Considerations When Buying Lipstick

As women of the world, we’ve all done it. We’ve bought a few, or maybe up to a drawer-full of lipstick that we don’t use and don’t like. And because we’ve realized it was a shameful waste, we’ve never thrown them out. They remain there, rolling around that drawer or cluttering up that shelf forever.

Yet, there has always been that favourite lipstick we love and stick with, that is, unless they discontinue it. And sometimes we are never quite able to find another one just as good. So, what is it about that great lipstick that makes it so good?

The reason we love that one lipstick is because it is perfect, or at least almost perfect. And it will rank high in most of the following categories. Here are 5 smart considerations when buying lipstick.


The colour or shade of your lipstick is of prime importance. If it doesn’t do anything for you, you’re never going to like it. When you’re shopping for a new lipstick, consider both the colours you are attracted to as well as your skin tone. And if you don’t look great in the shade of lipstick you choose, you will never make it your new BFF.

Best to go by the general, but tried and true, rule that incorporates your skin tone.If you are a natural redhead or a strawberry blonde you will look your best in shades with a touch of orange to them, like coral, watermelon, peaches, peach-browns, poppy-reds, or even the new and dazzling retro orange shades.

But, if your skin tone is cool, as in ash blondes and brunettes- go with pinker tones, such as raspberries, true bright reds, burgundies, plums, violet and purple shades. In this way, you will ensure that the colour will suit you. Try on testers and wear them around the store a bit to see how you like the way you look.

Remember, that trending shade may be showing everywhere but if it doesn’t look good  on you, you just won’t wear it.


You know yourself what textures you prefer in a lipstick. They come in creamy, matte, gloss, balm or stain. Usually the most comfortable ones are creamy and the balm type. Choose the texture you prefer.

And to discover the texture you need only to apply the tester to your wrist and you will be able to tell. There are some sticky textures out there, especially in the new vinyls, which only a few women can abide. Be sure you are comfortable with the texture before you buy.


Weight is important for comfort wear and also for time of day, season and type of occasion. Usually, a lighter lipstick is better for the daytime, especially in summer, as in glosses, balms and slicks. They often double as a lip protector with an SPF count, too. These lipsticks are great for sporty occasions or everyday and are well-liked for their versatility.

At the other end of the lipstick scale is the heavier solid lipsticks. These are better tolerated in winter and at nighttime, as in a matte, creams and vinyls. Better to stay away from any matte lipstick that is too dry and heavy, or it could end up in that lipstick drawer.


The smell of lipstick is almost subliminal, but if it is  too sweet, too cloying, or too fake-smelling you will not enjoy it. It’s a good idea to check the smell before you buy.


Is it important that your lipstick last? ‘Long- lasting’, while still feeling comfortable is a big plus. However, the problem with many long lasting lipsticks is that

they dry your lips and are not comfortable. There are new ones out that are formulated to be a bit creamier, but consider the dry factor before you buy.

Perhaps it is a better idea to sacrifice really long wear for fairly long wear with greater comfort.

A Final Word

The tester is really your best friend when you buy. Not only will you be able to see how well the lipstick suits you, you can feel it’s weight on your lips and judge its comfort level. If you like it after awhile in the store there is a greater chance you will like it forever. These 5 smart considerations when buying lipstick will end up saving you money and make that unused lipstick drawer a little more lonely.

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