5 Steps to Getting a Better Deal for Your Phone

getting a better deal for your phone

Smartphones are part of most peoples’ lives. If you’re like me, you don’t just want one to fit in, but you need one to make life and work easier. While I loved my Samsung Galaxy Note 3, I had to look at getting a new phone today. The contract is up for renewal, and I accidentally cracked the screen by slamming the car door on it! Oops!

After spending 30 minutes with my provider, I managed to get a much better deal than I found anywhere else online. And I’m paying less than I did with my Note 3, while getting the most recent Samsung Galaxy S6.

Here are the five steps to getting a better deal for your phone.

Look Around for Comparison Prices

Take a look online at all the different prices available. I spent a good 15 minutes searching various comparison sites, while checking my current provider’s own site. I’d rather stay with the company, considering I’ve been with it for 10 years and I wanted to keep my current number.

Searching online, I managed to find a variety of offers that were better, and some offered cashback. When you do check, make sure you look at any upfront costs, your text, calls and data allowance and the monthly costs. It’s also worth checking how long the contract lasts for and whether the phone is new or refurbished.

Contact Your Provider

Now it’s time to get in touch with your current provider if you want to stay with them. While some sites will allow you to stay with your current provider, if there are problems with the phone it can be an issue. You may have to go through the third-party provider. I prefer to deal directly with the company I’m paying the money to.

Talk to someone within the company about matching the price. Some companies are willing to do it, while others will want to offer something different. You can go from there to get the best offer.

Make Your Loyalty a Talking Point

My provider wouldn’t initially agree to matching the price, so I made it clear how disappointed I was. I got onto how I’d been with them for 10 years, and would rather stay than go elsewhere or go through a third party. Price wasn’t just the main issue for me, but the value for money.

After mentioning that, I was able to talk the company down from 4GB data for £39.99 per month with no upfront cost to 10GB of data a month for the exact same price and no upfront cost.

Double Check Online

Before I accepted the offer, I did a quick check on the comparison sites to see if there was anything better. It turned out that apart from getting £40 cashback, the offer worked out the best one. £40 cashback would have meant getting a month free, but the contract prices per month were £5 more each month.

Doubling checking is worthwhile, though. Sometimes it may turn out that the offer isn’t quite as good as some of the others available online.

Clarify the Information if You’re Unsure

I wanted to double check that they were willing to offer me more for less, so wrote everything down in a way that spelled it all out clearly. I did it through a chat function on the website, but I would have spoken clearly if on the phone. Clarifying it all helps to avoid any issues later with hidden costs.

Afterwards, make sure you get everything in writing. I got an email while still chatting to the support staff with all the details to make sure I wasn’t going to get charged for extras. I also found out then that I was getting EU calls thrown in without paying extra; something that I’d have to pay more for at the moment.

Being patient and looking for deals is really important. Not only will it save you money, but you get the best value for the money you do spend. 24 months is a long time to be stuck in a contract, especially if you end up with something you really don’t want. Getting a better deal for your phone is definitely worth the 30 minutes it takes when it could save you £120 or more throughout the year.

Image: hurk / Pixabay

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