5 Supernatural Episodes to Watch If You’re Only Just Starting

Supernatural Season 1Supernatural has been on the screens for the last 10 years now. It’s been renewed for an 11th season, so the Winchester brothers will be back in September/October. But with so many episodes, it can lead to the question of where to start if you’ve never seen an episode before.

There are a lot of great episodes. While the first five episodes seem like the best place to start, that’s not necessarily the case. In fact, there are episodes further into the series that will give you a good idea of the laughter, heartbreak and anger you will feel while watching the show. If you’re just starting out, these are the five Supernatural episodes you’ll want to start with.

1×01: Pilot

Yes, starting from the very beginning is a good place to start in this case. The whole episode while on a tight budget sets off the full story. You get to learn all you need to know about the personalities of the Winchester brothers and just why they’re travelling demon hunters. It’s full of great one-liners and action, while raising a number of questions that take at least the first five seasons to get the answers to.

I’d suggest starting with this one because of how important it is.

4×03: In the Beginning

I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m getting you to jump forward to an episode in season four. Well, that’s because it goes through the whole reason for the pilot episode. It goes right back to the start for Mary and John Winchester. It answers a lot of questions, and doesn’t spoil too much for the episodes in between the pilot and this one.

2×01: In My Time of Dying

Okay, so you may want to watch the season one finale before you watch this, but it’s not as important as this episode becomes. This is the one that had many people crying and panicking. There’s the idea that Dean Winchester could die…considering Jensen Ackles is still around now, you may think he doesn’t but you’ll be surprised with this show. Just a spoiler: Dean has died at least 155 times on the show! Yes, really!

In My Time of Dying was an important episode to set up the season two finale and the whole of season three, so it’s worth watching.

2×21-2×22: All Hell Breaks Loose

I’m cheating a little here by getting you to watch two episodes in one, but it is a two-parter season finale so I feel justified in these actions. The season two finale is a majorly pivotal episode to watch. Really, if you’re not going to follow any of the others on the list, this is the one to follow. It sets up everything for season three, brings back the whole issue in that first episode of season two and sets up so much for seasons four and five—and even beyond.

I’ve got to admit that season two isn’t my favorite season. There are episodes I’ve been re-watching lately that I really don’t mind skipping. But the three episodes I’ve included on this list are important.

3×13: Ghostfacers

This isn’t quite an episode that is pivotal for the storyline, so why am I including it? Well, it’s an episode that is highly hilarious and will show you the amusing side to Supernatural. I’m including it into the five Supernatural episodes to watch if you’re only just starting because it shows that it’s not all about drama, death and brotherly angst.

Also, this episode helped to set up the Ghostfacers web series. And I’d love to see Harry and Ed come back to Supernatural again.

Are you ready to get stuck into Supernatural now? The five (sort of six) episodes will really help you get into the show, whether you want to watch it for the overall storyline, or if you want to catch it for the funny moments. They episodes I’ve listed aren’t my favorite episodes of all, but they do a great job of pulling people in. Enjoy!

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