5 Sure Ways to Stop that Cold in 3 days


5 Sure Ways to Stop That Cold in 3 Days

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We all have the potential of going viral anytime soon- With a cold or flu, that is. We’ve all been there- miserable congestion, runny noses, headache, fever, chills, sinus pain, and just general yuch!

Nobody likes having to stop our momentum in mid stream and look forward to perhaps weeks of misery! And the never-ending cold seems to be a new phenomenon; you think it’s gone but it’s just on pause, and then it re-visits a little later.

Here’s 5 sure ways to stop that cold or virus in 3 days. These are listed in descending importance and efficacy but all five together will really do the trick.  (Note: Follow instructions as closely as possible. Always check for  allergies and start small in case of reaction. If in doubt, notify your physician or naturopath.)

Vitamin C Therapy

Vitamin C usually comes in 1000 mg tablets or capsules. This is a very good thing- the more, the merrier. Take one tablet every one to two hours until you have taken about four or five per day. (Vitamin C is water-soluble and does not store in the body. There’s a slight chance you might get diarrhea if the amount is too much for your system at the one time. In this case stop for the day and resume the next with a less.) Do this for three full days and another one for good measure.

Oregano Oil                                                         

5 sure ways to stop that cold in 3 days

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Pure oregano oil has a long list of impressive attributes on its healing resume, but its successful applications for colds and flus is the most famous. Let it suffice to say that it has aided and neutralized everything from toe fungus, to head lice to venomous snake bites, and everything in between. It’s reputation for being an anti-viral,biotic,parasitic,venom, and antioxidant is gaining attention.

And in the case of colds, sore-throats, viruses and flus it only takes a few drops, 2-3 times a day, at the back of the throat to almost give instant relief. The only thing that may affect its efficacy is the quality of the product. Look for pure, chemical-and- additive-free Oregano Oil from a good source.

Oregano oil is available in dropper bottles and capsules. The pure liquid dropper-form seems to get to the source more efficiently, however. Caution: It’s a little strong-tasting but thankfully absorbs quickly. A juice chaser is highly recommended.

Tea-Tree Essential Oil            

5 Sure Ways to Stop That Cold in 3 Days

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Pure tea tree essential oil has proven its invaluable beneficial worth on a variety of health issues. Tea tree works best on lungs and bronchial congestion after mixing a few drops into a mild carrier oil and rubbing on the area.

The tea tree oil mixture can also be rubbed into the glands behind the ears and the throat area, and, can also be applied directly to the sinus area to relieve pain. (Adding a few drops of pure lavender essential oil into the mix, if you have it on hand, will even add to the potency.)


In addition,a couple of drops of pure tea tree can also be added to warm drinking water and gargled for sore throats. Gargle and/or apply the tea-tree mixture several times per day.       

Tea tree also has many of the benefits of Oregano oil. Again,watch for purity and integrity in the quality of your purchase.

Eucalyptus Oil   

5 Sure Ways To Stop That cold in 3 Days

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Eucalyptus is a relative newcomer in the essential oil therapy arena but it shows superior healing properties in many areas including: Respiratory,ailments,  mental exhaustion, muscle pain, dental applications and congestion from colds, etc. Whenever your cold leaves you with sinus pain and/or  runny or congested nasal passages that’s when you reach for the eucalyptus.

Often all that needs to be done in the case of that ever-running nose is to breathe-in the eucalyptus essential oil on a cotton pad, over a period of time. Keep the eucalyptus-soaked pad nearby and continue to breathe in all day. It will help relieve that congestion as well as stop that annoying running nose.

Place several drops on a dampened cotton pad and sniff away to your heart’s content, taking large drafts of the refreshing scent. this is aromatherapy at its finest. Do this throughout the day and night and get a new pad or refresh the old one when necessary.

5 Sure Ways To Stop That Cold in 3 Days

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Chicken Soup of the day

The old wives tale to eat chicken soup for a cold has now been proven to be a wise statement. Scientists have done studies and apart from the steamy broth opening up those nasal passages a little, it seems chicken soup does a little extra.

When a virus attacks our bodies, white blood cells migrate over to the area as a defines mechanism, but apparently these bacteria -devouring white blood cells or neutrophils do little to stop a virus. In reality they end-up stimulating the production of mucous-which causes the discomfort of a cold. the addition of the chicken soup inhibited these white blood cells from migrating over.

The biological basis of the study is not clear- as the researchers couldn’t identify which ingredients in the soup made it effective against colds but say it may be the combination of vegetables and chicken that work together.

And the good news? When Dr. Stephen Rennard,

pulmonary expert at the University of Nebraska Medical centre in Omaha, also tested 13 brands of canned chicken soups and found many may work even better than homemade.

They included Knorr’s chicken noodle, Campbell’s Home Cookin’ chicken vegetable, Campbell’s Healthy Request chicken noodle, Lipton Cup-o-soup chicken noodle and Progresso chicken noodle, to name a few. This is good news when you feel too sick to start that soup pot going.

The official medical amount is totally up to you, so go ahead and have a few bowls at a time!

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