5 Things Supernatural Makes Us Believe

5 Things Supernatural Makes Us Believe

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I’ve watched Supernatural since the start, and have gotten many people into it over the years. The adventures of Sam and Dean Winchester are the highlight of my week sometimes.

Over the years, Supernatural has made me believe a lot. Yes, it’s a show about ghosts and monsters, but it’s also a story about brotherly love and sacrifice.

These are five things Supernatural makes us believe, even if it’s not quite true.

There Is a Reason to Be Afraid of the Dark

My elder daughter has a (irrational?) fear of the dark. She has a nightlight that gets turned off by us once she goes to sleep, but can’t possibly sleep without a light on somewhere. She’s often told us there is a man in her room or something hiding in the closet.

No, she hasn’t watched Supernatural since being able to understand what is really on the TV (we had it on while she was an infant). But it did make me realize that the show suggests that we do have a reason to be afraid of the dark. There are monsters, ghosts and ghouls out there.

We just have to remember that this is a fantasy show!

You Can Make Deals With a Demon

Have you ever heard stories of people making deals with the devil? Supernatural makes us believe that it is possible to make deals with a demon; after all, people do it all the time.

This was introduced in Season 2, with connections to real-life stories and songs. The idea of making deals continues into Season 11, especially with the King of the Crossroads/Hell Crowley.

When you do make a deal with a demon, make sure it really is worth an eternity in Hell after the decade is up (that’s if you do get a decade).

The Good Guys Aren’t Always Good

And neither are the bad guys always bad. This really is something that is true that Supernatural makes us believe.

There are grey areas in life. Most shows that involve the supernatural and fantasy are very black and white. It is only in recent years that shows have switched from that and shown that the good guys aren’t always going to do the right thing. Look at Season 4 where angels were willing to destroy a whole town for the “greater good,” or in Season 6 where Meg—a demon once after Sam and Dean—started helping them to take down Crowley (a demon who has now started working with them).

Family Don’t End In Blood

Nor does it start with blood. This is another real thing that Supernatural has helped us see.

angels aren't always nice in Supernatural

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Just because Bobby is related to Sam and Dean, doesn’t mean he isn’t family. I actually think the Winchester brothers have been more heartbroken over losing the likes of Bobby and Charlie than they were when they lost John Winchester, their father.

There have been various people who have become family to the Winchesters over the years. It’s amazing how many people they have who will risk their lives for them, and how many they will risk their lives for.

Angels Don’t Sit on Clouds With Harps

If you actually read the bible, you will see that this is actually the truth. Supernatural has turned angels into soldiers and messengers of God, which is just what they are.

Gone are the visions of angels sitting on top of clouds with harps. They’re not there to make people feel safe, but to protect the “greater good” and the human race as a whole. They also have their own agendas at time, and don’t tend to work together well unless they’re from the same garrison.

Supernatural is still going—and is getting stronger in my opinion. It’s made fans believe a lot over the years. Some of them are true, and others are just fun to believe.

If you haven’t started watching the show yet, I really do recommend it. If you’re wondering where to start now that it is 11 seasons in, here’s my post with the best episodes to get you started.

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