5 Times Jensen Ackles Has Shown He Can Act

I’ve seen a lot of posts lately from people saying that Jensen Ackles and his Supernatural co-star Jared Padalecki are terrible actors. I’d like to disagree. No, they’re not the greatest actors in the world and they will never be A-list Hollywood celebrities, but they’re definitely not the worst TV actors in the world.

There have been times in Supernatural that Jensen Ackles has really shown off his acting ability. Whether he makes people laugh or cry, the emotions and ranges he’s shown have been wonderful. He really makes me connect with the character that he’s playing.

Here are five times Jensen Ackles has shown he can act.

1. Telling Sammy About Hell

At the end of season three of Supernatural, Dean Winchester went to hell, only be get out in the premiere of season four. It took a few episodes, but Dean finally told Sam some of what he did while down in the pit. The acting from Ackles was incredible. It was easy to believe that Dean was so torn up about what he did—and how he felt doing it.

It turns out that during the scene in the video below, Ackles was so upset by the scene that he had to take a walk to calm down. I can see why.

2. Seeing His Mom in the Alternate Universe

Season two is one of my favorite seasons because of the standalone episodes. One of those was What Is and What Should Never Be. I absolutely love the storyline, and Ackles’ acting got me from the moment he woke in the alternate universe. Without spoiling too much, he is sent to a wish world where his mom never died. After 24 years, he sees his mom again and ends up in a very different world.

There were some brilliantly funny moments, but also some heartbreaking ones. There was the shock that he portrayed when realizing that she was still alive, but then the moment when he knew he had to go back to his own world to continue saving people.

3. Grieving for His Little Brother

There were a few moments when Dean has had to grieve after losing Sam. The biggest one—and the one that really showed Ackles’ ability to act, was in season two, when he sees the death happen and gets there a few seconds too late. It gives Dean the chance to monologue about how he was supposed to look out for Sam.

I think this was the first time I really got the idea that Dean would do anything for Sam. Up until now, there was always the chance that he would do what was best for the world. But this moment strengthened that bond, and there was a clear sign of that in Ackles’ acting.

4. Playing Opposite Himself

It’s not easy acting opposite yourself! There have been numerous times that Ackles has had to act opposite himself, such as when he went to the future and when he was stuck in a dream world and saw his demonic nightmare. They’ve been times when he’s shown his acting skills because it looks like he’s really talking to himself. The expressions were perfectly timed.

I’d like to see more of this, but I doubt it will happen. It’s something that I haven’t seen Jared Padalecki do that much.

5. Playing Different Versions of Dean Winchester

Ackles has never had the problem of only playing Dean on Supernatural; at least, not the same Dean. He’s had to play different versions of himself and even himself as different monsters. Most recently was Demon Dean, but there’s been Shifter Dean, Vampire Dean and even Purgatory Dean. All of these require different facial expressions and character traits as they weren’t always him.

When seeing them back in videos, it’s often clear from the way he acts or speaks that he’s playing someone not quite Dean Winchester. Just the subtle changes in expressions are enough, proving that he is a good actor.

I’m not saying he’s the best, because that certainly isn’t the case, but he’s definitely not the worst. Ackles can act and he’s proven that over the last 10 years on Supernatural.

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