5 Tips to Lose Weight Healthily

lose weight healthilyI see a lot of focus on losing weight quickly at the moment. There are all these beach body diets coming out, whether they include sticking to juices seven days a week or starving yourself for two to five days a week (depending on the diet!). I cringe every time I see a friend on Facebook mention that they’re starting a new diet craze, knowing that they’re going to be difficult to maintain and almost impossible to keep the weight off afterwards.

Losing weight healthily is more important. Maybe it’s the Weight Watchers leader side of me coming through right now, but I’ve genuinely always believed that deprivation diets are no good. Sure, I’ve tried them but lasted a few days before giving up because they’re not realistic.

Instead, I want to share the healthy ways to lose weight. These are five tips to be able to maintain your weight loss afterwards, too.

Create a Small Calorie Deficit

The whole way of losing weight is to create a calorie deficit. That means eating fewer calories than you’re burning. Most diets do that but many do it to the extra. You don’t need to cut your daily calorie intake down by that much. To lose 1lb, your body needs to burn n extra 3,500 calories than you’re eating in a week on average. That’s 500 calories a day. So much better than thousands of calories and then making yourself faint!

Don’t Overdo the Exercise

It’s easy to fall into the trap of believing that you need to spend hours at the gym, every single day. You really don’t. Sure, exercising and dieting go together well, but to lose weight healthily, you need to have a couple of days off during the week.

Weight Watchers recommends that you exercise 30 minutes a day, five days a week if you want to get healthily. You should exercise up to an hour a day, five days a week if you want to lose weight. That exercise doesn’t need to be done all in one go. Split it up into manageable chunks, like 10 minutes here and there.

Stop Depriving Yourself

Depriving yourself of something isn’t going to help you lose weight healthily. You’ll crave the stuff you’ve banned, and you’re more likely to gorge on it later. A balanced diet, allowing yourself treats now and then, will help you lose weight and keep it off.

If I fancy a chocolate bar, I’ll have one but I’ll have it in moderation. It’s not a large bar every night, but a couple of pieces from it or a small bar during the day.

Eat a Balanced Diet

As well as allowing yourself treats, a balanced diet is important. That means no cutting out carbs because you think they’re bad for you. Your body needs carbs and even some fats! Yes, really! It’s all about making better choices.

Instead of the cakes, biscuits and chips, opt for potatoes and whole grain pasta. They are not only better for you in terms of sugar and fat content, but they make you feel fuller for longer, too.

Of course, it’s also worth focusing on the better foods, like fruits and vegetables and lean meats and eggs.

Get Support Along the Way

I made a joke once about my Weight Watchers meeting being like an AA meeting for me, but it got the message through to people about why I still go even as a leader and even before when I’d just reached my goal weight. It’s all about getting support along the way.

Just because I’ve lost almost 4st, doesn’t mean I’m cured of my ability to overeat. It doesn’t mean I won’t gain all the weight again. I can do, if I don’t have the support. It’s really worth having that support along the way and afterwards. It could be from others who are losing weight too or you may have a partner or family member who is there to help you stay on track.

With the above five tips, you will be on your way to losing weight, and losing it healthily. The deprivation quick fix diets don’t work for the long term and some of them are really unhealthy. I really do recommend Weight Watchers as an option, but even if you want to do it alone; do it with the long term success in mind.

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