5 Top Places For Shark Attacks on the US Coast

5 Top places for shark attacks on the US coast

That fearful sight

This year there seems to be a run of shark attacks in the US, especially in North Carolina. In fact, it’s been unusual as there have been 7 shark attacks just in the last month compared to 25 in the entire last decade. Still, the Carolinas aren’t even the worst place to be attacked by sharks on the US coast. There are several others that compete for that title.

Since the US has so much coastline, it make sense that there’s a lot of places for shark attacks. However, within the US, statistics tell us there are worse places than others to fear going into the water. The following are the 5 top places for shark attacks on the US coast. listing the amount of unprovoked attacks between 1837 and 2013.

#5) Texas-38 attacks

Galveston is the most dangerous place for shark attacks in Texas, although there have really only been two deaths from shark attacks in the last century.

#4) North Carolina- 48 attacks

Since these statistics are taken up to 2013, a more up to date number would not only include 2014, but as previously mentioned, there have been 7 more attacks in the last month or so. With this consideration, North Carolina’s place in the top 5 could be on its way up.

#3) South Carolina- 77 attacks

These statistics of course includes the popular Horry County (Myrtle Beach area). This is the go-to beach for many travellers and there are many bathers in the water, all the time.

The last recorded fatality, however, was in 1852.

#2) California- 110 attacks

From Point Conception to Baja small fish (called grunions) spawn along the shores, making it a popular Great White feeding ground. Southern California is also where many sharks go to give birth and when you consider these facts and include the long natural coastline, you can understand why California is the second most dangerous place for shark attacks.

#1) Florida 687 attacks

The number of unprovoked shark attacks in Florida compared to the other four top places on the US coast, does seem staggering. Florida experiences almost  half the entire country’s shark attacks. The foremost reasons for this high number are attributed to the 1,400 miles of coastline, as well as the very high amount of  tourists, locals, surfers, etc., enjoying Florida’s beautiful beaches,. And within Florida, Volusia County, with its exceptional beaches, reports  a whopping 1/3 of the State’s shark attacks.

Consider these 5 top places for shark attacks on the US Coast. But, when you consider these numbers, it is best to keep in mind that these statistics were taken over a 176 year period. So, take this more realistic perspective with you next time you start wading into those US coastal waters.

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