5 Ways to Beat Writer’s Block

5 Ways to beat writer's block.

5 Ways to beat writer’s block.

Writer’s block is every writer’s nightmare when it happens to them. I am actually having this problem right now and I find it helpful to write about something I am having trouble with. That way, it will help get me going with other topics I want to write about on this site or others. While suffering from writer’s block, I have been sitting here thinking of ways to beat this monster. Although my favorite way to beat it is to write about it, there are other things you can do too when this problem happens to you.

  • Take a Break

Maybe you just need a break. Your brain might be telling you that you need to rest for a while. Watch some TV, go for a walk or rest and relax on the couch for a while. Resting your brain for a while will allow you to come back to writing again full force with new ideas for new topics.

  • Change your Environment

Besides taking a break, maybe you need a change of environment. This really does help because I just moved my laptop into another room and I am back to writing already. No more staring at a blank screen trying to force the words to come out. Changing your environment and breaking the routine of sitting in the same place day after day can really help you beat writer’s block and get you back to writing again.

  • Just start writing anything

Sit down and write the first word that comes to your mind and write anything and everything about it for about 5 minutes straight. This is called consciousness writing and it can help your brain get going again with those creative juices you need to start writing again.

  • Read others writing

If you are having trouble coming up with something to write about, read something. You can do this online or off line. Read your favorite blogger’s blog or a good book. This can help you come up with new ideas to write about.

  • Blog

Do you have a blog? If so, write a post in it about anything you want. Write about your writer’s block and how it is driving you crazy not being able to write anything. I do this every once in a while to get myself going with writing when I need to. Plus, blogging is just a lot of fun!

Using the 5 tips above and anything else you can think of to beat the monster of writer’s block will help you get going with writing again and get back into your routine.


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