5 Ways to Start Earning a Shoestring Income

One of the things I realized a year ago was that not only did I want and need more income, I needed to change the way I was making that money or in a few years I would be in the same predicament I was in now. Over the past few years the amount of income I have had available to me has eroded. I no longer have the buying power that I once did as my income has not increased.

I don’t like being poor. The other problem was that I didn’t have a way to raise any funds to buy into anything. How could I loan money at a percentage for interest or how could I start a website or a business if I didn’t have any funds available to use?

How do you know what is a scam and what isn’t if one wants to work online? Here’s an interesting book about it. I Got Scammed So You Don’t Have To: How to Find Legitimate Work at Home and Random Jobs in a Scamming Economy

My first thought was to go to work and get a job. I looked around and didn’t find one that fit well. I thought of a couple of other options and they didn’t work well. It’s tough out there. I also realized I didn’t want to work a harsh schedule that I didn’t set. That ruled out most jobs.


One day when totally desperate for some money; I read and Googled and found this thing called Swagbucks that I could do while I was watching other things. There were gift cards that I could earn (Amazon, Chili’s, Barnes and Noble and more) or I could have funds put into a verified PayPal account. If anyone would have told me that I could earn money watching videos? Before I started Swagbucks I would have laughed them off the planet.

There are surveys one can take which I don’t seem to be good at. There are offers that one can try and if you remember to cancel them then you can get Swagbucks that you can turn into cash that way as well. I can’t remember to return my books to the library on time. I don’t want to try that option.

One can earn points for searching from Swagbucks and now there are mobile apps one can us to get around $1 a day. That means $365 a year if I have the time. I try to. I get about $25 -$100 a month. It depends upon how hard I want to work at Swagbucks.


Sometimes we need immediate income GPT can help but it’s hard and slow
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Enter GiftHulk

I enjoyed GiftHulk but regretfully realized it was going to take much too long to get enough Hulk Coins to redeem as much as I would need for the amount of work I would need to put in. At GiftHulk one can do the same kinds of things as one does at Swagbucks but I never found a way to earn as much as much as I could at Swagbucks.

I still do a couple of things at GiftHulk for about 15 minutes each day. They are things that I enjoy but I don’t count on it as money in my pocket. If it comes it comes, if it doesn’t I can handle it. Still $5 a month is $60 a year. If I save it and don’t spend it I can use that money and try to earn more money with it. Or I can spend it on books or education programs to learn more about what I can do to earn more money.

There are a number of gift cards or a PayPal option.

You can search and enter codes for Hulk Coins.

Bing Rewards

Bing is a search engine that pays you Bing Points when you do searches. One can 2 searches to earn 1 Bing point. There are limits to what you can earn. Right now it is:

15 (30 searches) per day from a computer

10 (20 searches) per day from a mobile device

After being there and doing a certain number of searches each month (150) and setting a goal to reach you can level up until some cards is 475 points for $5. So every 19 days I can earn $5. That’s another $75-$100 a year.

The reason I say there is a range is that occasionally Bing has challenges or other earning opportunities where one can earn more. For a while there were double search points on Mondays. And some days I might forget to do Bing when I am busy.

There have been no codes one can enter to earn Bing Points.

With Perk TV one can use a computer,  tablet, phone or MP3 Player.  PPic bby Pixabay

With Perk TV one can use a computer, tablet, phone or MP3 Player.
Pic by Pixabay

Perk TV

I was over on the Reddit forums one day when I heard about Perk TV. It sounded much too good to be true. You get 5 cheap phones or tablets and run the Perk TV app on those 5 phones. You can watch TV for however many hours a day you want and earn money for it. The people there recommended Android phones but all I had to try it on was an old iPhone 4. I started running that old iPhone 4. It earned $20 and I bought another phone, then used those 2 phones monies to buy another phone until I had 5 devices earning money every day.

The amount one can get has varied and different apps pay differently but I have done well. I get Amazon cards or Walmart cards from Perk but the PayPal isn’t a great option here. I bought an Android Tablet at Sam’s Club and part of my groceries on Amazon then replace those funds into my PayPal savings account.

I can use the Walmart cards to buy gas with.

They have codes you can enter into the Perk Browser to earn points or tokens.

You can search for points.

Zoombucks and Irazoo

These two either take too long or want me to pay to play.

Zoombucks wants people to upgrade to a VIP status. It’s not something I like to do, to put in a credit card number to pay to play. I did try VIP Level when it was $1.99 but didn’t make enough to justify moving up and paying $5.99-$59.99. I don’t have the Internet capability to do Zoombucks every day. Maybe if I wanted to try more offers? But that’s not me.

Irazoo I go over to and see what is happening everyone once in a while but seldom see a way to make a good profit on it. So I play around and cash out about once a year.

They have many of the same offers as GiftHulk or Swagbucks.

They both have codes you can enter to earn points or bucks and with both you can search to earn as well.

None of these pay well. To make enough to really help my financial situation, I often use the funds earned to earn more funds. Or I use them to help me exist better so I can do more. What does that mean? I can pay an Internet Provider so I can stay online longer and write to get passive income started.

Or as I mentioned before, I can further my education to learn other options.

If you don’t have any money? Here are a couple of places you can start to get enough of a shoestring income at least earn enough to pay for Internet and some food.

I haven’t tried being a mystery shopper yet, have you? I found this training program The Mystery Shopper Training Program: All You Ever Wanted to Know About the Best Part-Time Job
that looks interesting.

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