5 ways to write faster to get things done

Writing faster

How to write faster to get things done.

When you are writing online, you are most likely getting paid for it. Most people are anyway since it is the norm these days. While writing, you will want to be able to write faster so you can get things done on time, especially if you have a looming deadline, and if you want to make as much money as you can. There is a lot to do during the day when you are a writer. There are a lot of nice websites to write for and you have blogging you might do, plus your own website, if you have one that you want to write for to make the amount of money you want. This is why you want to learn how to write faster to get things done.

#1 Learn to type really fast

Typing really fast can allow you to get your work done. This is especially good if you have a deadline coming up and you have to turn your work in at a certain time. This is also good if you have other writing you want to do but you have to get that deadline stuff out of the way first. If you want to learn to type faster, you can either learn as you go, like I did, or you can take a type class and then a typing test online.

#2 Use a timer

Using a timer, like this one here, can really help you with writing faster. The reason the timer works so well for me is because I like to try to beat it, and I usually do now. This is another way I have learned to type faster, therefore, write faster.  The timer I have linked to allows you to set your own time limit for work and breaks. I set my work time for 30 minutes and break time for 5 minutes. Sometimes I experiment and set it for longer but 30 minutes for work and 5 minutes for breaks works good for me. I highly recommend doing this!

#3 Learn keyboard shortcuts

Learning keyboard shortcuts can really make you write faster to get things done. Here are the ones I know of now. If you have more that I don’t know about, leave me a comment to let me know.

  • Control + S will save your document
  • Control + B will bold your word or words. If you use this shortcut before you start typing the words you want bolded, you don’t have to highlight them.
  • Control + N will open a new document.
  • Control + U will underline your word or words
  • Control + I will italicize your word or words, again use it before typing and you don’t have to highlight. Same goes for underlining.
  • Control + C will copy what you have highlighted.
  • Control + V will paste for you.

I think that is it for the keyboard shortcuts. Like I said, let me know if you know some that I don’t know. I learned these on my own while writing one day and they really do make things go faster for you.

#4 Edit after you are done writing

Don’t worry about making mistakes while you are writing. You can proofread and make corrections after you are done. This is a lot quicker.

#5 Pretend you are on a deadline even when you aren’t

Pretending you are on a deadline will make you want to write faster every time because you are tricking yourself into believing it has to be done right away.

Most importantly, have fun with your writing! It’s not work if you enjoy what you do!

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