6 Memorable Moments From ‘The Bachelor: The Women Tell All’


The women of this season of The Bachelor certainly had a lot to say on last night’s The Women Tell All. There were quite a few interesting moments on the show as host Chris Harrison sat down with the females to discuss their time and their dismissal from the show by the farmer boy, and this season’s bachelor, Chris Soules. There were plenty of tears, feuds, and of course, women that just want answers.

This season had many tense and heartbreaking moments which were all because they were vying for Chris’ love but got sent home instead. While the whole show was quite interesting, here are six of the most memorable moments from The Bachelor: The Women Tell All that stood out for me.

1. Carly Shedding Silent Tears

Did anyone catch the fact that Carly was wiping away tears as her not-so-friend ‘friend’ Britt was up hugging and talking with Chris up in front of the audience? This was after all was said between the two women as Carly seemed to be as strong as an ox as she defended her actions on the show. Britt accused her of back-stabbing her, thinking that they were actually friends. However, Carly seemed to break out of her steely mode when Britt and Chris were having words between them. Maybe jealousy did have even a small part in all of this after all?



2. Jade Shrugs Off Chris

Poor Jade. She just wanted to find out from Chris on whether her nude photos that were taken years ago played into his decision not to keep her around any longer. She got quite emotional and there was Chris trying to console her by gently rubbing her arm. After all, he probably didn’t know what else to do at that point. However, Jade kind of shrugged the bachelor off and muttered something about being okay. I felt bad for both of them.

3. Kelsey and Chris Harrison’s Silk Handkerchief

Oh Kelsey…she sure can change over from a sniffling fawn into a laughing schoolgirl at the drop of a hat. How does she do that? Well, she may have got a few laughs when she asked Chris Harrison for a tissue but he offered his silk handkerchief that he had in his suit pocket instead. Wasn’t there a Kleenex box anywhere near them? After all, this is a show about broken hearts! Kelsey seemed to perk right up asking him if he was sure because it was silk that she would be blowing her nose into! She ended up using it and then moved on as usual.

4. Ashley S. Onion Raising and Boredom

Most viewers were interested to find out if Ashley S. was just acting out her weirdness on the show, if something was wrong with her, or if this really was just her normal self. Well, it seems that we might have gotten that answer. Since she was booted off the show, she seems to have started an onion farm all of her own. On The Bachelor, she was out picking pomegranates…onions…or whatever she thought they were at the time. She confessed to Chris H. that she was now growing onions and she brought him one as a gift to prove it. She also told him that she was quite bored with all of the goings on during the taping of the show, so she went around hunting for interesting things. Who knew?



5. Chris Soules’ Dolphin Laugh

Yes, they made fun of Prince Farming’s laugh that was heard throughout the show and then proceeded to compare it to a dolphin. Did anyone else giggle just a little bit when they did that segment? Okay, so I ended up doing more than giggle because hearing it over and over kind of gave me a good laugh that I needed while watching all of the drama of The Women Tell All.


6. Chris Gets Smooched By An Older Woman

The females that were vying for that final rose weren’t the only ones smitten with Chris Soules. The two Chris’ decided to crash a few Bachelor parties and one fan surprised the farmer boy so much that he was rendered speechless. An older woman, who admitted was old enough to be his mother, snuck up on him as he was talking to the camera, planting a smooch smack dab on the lips. She looked thrilled, he looked rather embarrassed wondering what just happened.

Photos source: YouTube capture (Jimmy Kimmel Live)

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