6 Things to Buy in March

March is here and spring is about to be in the air! Of course, there’s also other great things going on this month too, like National Frozen Food Day on March 6th, and St. Patrick’s Day March 17th. With this in mind you can count on finding the following great deals this month:

It’s time to start planning your garden and buying seedlings and plants. You can start them indoors right now and transplant them in April.
Jewelry shops are feeling a lull between Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day so they’re featuring some great sales right now.
Just like March is an in-between time for jewelers, this is also true for the travel industry as well. Most people are now starting to think about where they’ll go for summer vacation, so you can find luggage on sale. You’ll also find sales on laptop bags, backpacks, and briefcases.
March 6th is National Frozen Food Month. This is when we celebrate all the frozen foods we enjoy, such as frozen dinners, frozen vegetables, and ice cream. Look for promotions at your favorite grocery store for these things this month.
Following National Frozen Food Day on March 6 is St. Patrick’s Day on March 17. Thi sis when you’ll get lots of great deals on “green sales.” This ranges from clothing to food and everywhere in between. You’ll even find great deals at various online retailers on these celebratory items too.
Many restaurants have seasonal menus that feature green items, including:

  • Dunkin’ Donuts has Irish coffee
  • Starbucks creates a special coffee too
  • McDonalds has their “shamrock shake”Burger King has green ketchup
  • Burger King has green ketchup

So, now that you know what’s on sale, go ahead and start shopping but don’t forget your frugal “common sense” as you do so. You can stack coupons and find even better deals. So, take your time and plan accordingly.

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