6 Tips to Avoid the Shopping Tantrums

avoid the shopping tantrums

Not every mother can leave their children with someone when it comes to the food shop. While some people will expect you to do all your shopping online, it may not be as convenient for you as people make out. That means you need to take your children to the supermarket, and keep them entertained at the same time. Here are six tips to avoid those shopping tantrums.

Plan the Time to Go Carefully

Think about when you are going to do the food shop. After lunch make work for you, but does it work for your child? Is that nap time for your child? If so, she is not going to be happy about going to the supermarket for food. She wants to sleep, and will be cranky the whole way around. Plan ahead and think about the best time for you and your child.

Don’t Let Children Wander

Avoid letting your child wander around the store. You could turn your back for two seconds and she will be gone! Get a trolley, even if you’re going in for a handful of items, and put your child in there. If you’re walking to the store, have the buggy and use a basket. If children get really bored, at least they can sleep while you’re walking around. When children want some independence, allow them to walk ahead but remain in sight. If they get out of control, make it clear you need their hand or they need to hold the trolley.

Have Something to Distract Them With

Some children like to play on video games, while others prefer to draw. Take something that is a distraction from the long trip around the supermarket. This is especially important if you’re doing the shop for the whole week. The good thing about the supermarket is a noisy toy isn’t too bad since there will already be noise in there. Getting them involved will also help to distract them.

Let Them Eat Something

Pick up something that they can eat on the way around. Most supermarkets are happy with this, as long as you keep the packaging and pay for it at the end. Some will even take the rubbish afterwards so you don’t need to worry about it. There are a few options when going around, and it depends on whether you want something quick or something healthy. You could opt for a banana or open the grapes if you really want to stick to something  healthy.

Get Them to Help

Children want to copy everything you do, so that means they want to help. If you’re struggling to keep them in the buggy, why not ask them to help take items from the shelf and put them in the basket? You could also hand them the items while they sit in the trolley and ask them to drop them in—just watch out for squishing other items and breakable things!

Offer One Treat at the End

Make it clear that they get one treat at the end if they behave. When they get to the end, ask them to choose the one that they want. You could set limitations so they don’t choose the biggest items, and could even state that it should be a book or game to keep them entertained for longer. Try not to do this with every trip, because they will start to expect it otherwise.

It’s time to avoid those shopping tantrums. All it requires is some planning and preventative measures. These really do eat. We do it with our daughter all the time when we take her to the supermarket, and we have managed to avoid the shopping tantrums most of the time.

Image: stevepb / Pixabay

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