6 Ways to Prevent Your Children From Becoming Obese

Prevent Your Children From Becoming Obese

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Obesity is a major concern for many countries around the world. While the USA and UK lead in obesity rates, many other countries are following. It’s very important to prevent your children from following these statistics.

I was shocked a few months ago to learn that a 3-year-old had become the youngest person diagnosed with type-2 diabetes, and it was all due to her diet. She was grossly overweight but managed to lose it when her parents focused on a healthier diet and lifestyle for her.

As the mother of a 3-year-old, I couldn’t understand how a parent could allow their child to get like this. You want to keep them healthy and happy, so they have a better adult life. You can help.

Here are six ways to prevent your children from becoming obese.

Lead By Example

You may need to change your children’s diets now. The best way to do this is to change your own diet. It’s a case of leading by example. You want to show that this is good for all of you, and there are benefits to doing this. Setting a good example goes a long way because children often mimic their parents without even realising.

Stop Using Food as a Reward

Many people view a treat as a reward. It sets the mentality that every time your children do something good, they will get a biscuit or snack. This just leads to excess calories. You want to teach them that food is nutritious and needed for substance. Rewards should be something else like clothes, gold stars or even pocket money.

Get Them to Join In With Preparation

Children enjoy eating the things they make. With that in mind, it’s time to get them involved in making their meals. When they’re toddlers, you can carry them while cooking things so they see how it is all put together. As they get older, ask them to mix sauces or toss the salad. After that, they can help with chopping and the actual cooking process. Find something for their ages, and let them join in. They will soon want to eat their hard work.

Have Fun With Colours and Styles

Food doesn’t have to be boring. You’ll be surprised at the faces, designs and artistic works you can create with everything in your cupboard and fridge. Children see that food is fun too, and they’re more likely to appreciate the healthy stuff. Have fun with the colours and lay them out on the plates in a way that creates something unique and entertaining.

Encourage Exercise Daily

It’s not all about the food. Your children need to get enough exercise, but computer games and movies see so much more entertaining. It’s important to be encouraging when it comes to getting outside to exercise. You could even join in. Create an obstacle course in the garden or take them to the park with a football to encourage them to exercise daily, and keep yourself fit at the same time.

Drinking Plenty of Water

This is the hardest part of healthy eating for many. Water can taste so bland and boring, but it is the healthiest option. It’s important t encourage children to drink enough throughout the day. You could offer sugar-free squash to do this to give the water some taste. Adding fruits into the water is a great natural way, or you could make smoothies by blending fruit instead.

You can help your children follow a healthy and balanced diet, and this prevents children from becoming obese. If they are currently overweight or obese, encourage them to follow a healthy eating plan and do more exercise! Don’t put them on strict diets, and consult your doctor if you are concerned or need advice.

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