7 Possible Explanations for Crop Circles

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I have always found the subject of crop circles to be fascinating. They have got to be one of the most interesting mysteries on our planet. The very first one was reported in 1674.  The next public mention of one was in 1880 in a book by Rand Capron.  The first photograph of one was in a publication called Sussex Notes and Queries, by E.C. Curwen, in 1932.  Nothing else was reported of them until 1963, when speculation about them really took off.  Since then, crop circles have been reported on virtually every continent in the world.  Especially hot places seem to be England, the Soviet Union, Canada and the United States.  Nothing has ever been proven as to how they are made or who makes them, or their purpose.  Over 300 years and we are as much in the dark now about crop circles as we were when Sir Isaac Newton published his theory on the law of gravity.

I have done a lot of reading on crop circles and have found that there are basically 5 possible explanations.

1. UFOs and Aliens

2. Aircraft – No one has ever been able to duplicate a crop circle using aircraft

3. Vortex Winds or Storms – Does not explain the precise mathematical, symmetrical patterns

4. Earth Energy/Radiation – Again, does not explain the patterns, or why they don’t burn the plants

5. Human Hoaxes – Some are, but how would humans pull off a pattern with over 700 perfect circles in one night, without leaving a single footprint?

6.  Something inside the Earth is causing them – no proof has ever been found in the soil under crop circles

I guess that only leaves one explanation for crop circles:

UFOs and Aliens!

Well, while I think that it is highly possible that aliens could be responsible for crop circles, I can think of another possible explanation that I never hear mentioned. That is some type of supernatural / occult / paranormal / psychokinesis thing. Ok, stop laughing and think about it! These ideas are not really any more far out than aliens. There are many things to do with the occult and paranormal that people cannot explain any more than we can explain crop circles. How do we know that the two are not related?

What do you think? Do you think that crop circles could be related to the occult or paranormal?

If you would like to know more about Crop Circles, this is my favorite book:

Crop Circles:  Signs, Wonders and Mysteries



Image Credit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crop_circle#mediaviewer/File:Crop_circles_Swirl.jpg

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