Benefits of Writing for HubPages

Benefits of writing for HubPages | Image by Lena Kovadlo

Benefits of writing for HubPages | Image by Lena Kovadlo

If you are a writer who wants to share your work with a wide audience publishing online what you have already written is a great way to do that. With many sites to choose from when it comes to publishing your writing one site to consider is HubPages ( Here are the reasons why you should consider publishing your existing work on HubPages as well as anything new you are planning to write.

Benefits of writing for HubPages:

(1) You can edit / update your work at any time and you retain the copyright to whatever you publish.

No matter what you publish on HubPages (each published page is called a hub) you retain the copyright to everything you publish on HubPages. You can include a generic copyright notice on each page you publish, which includes the copyright symbol, year the hub was published and your name that is displayed at the end of the hub. It will look like this © 2015 Author Name. If you want you can include your own copyright notice as well if you actually want to write out that this work belongs to you and cannot be used without your permission, etc.

Once your hub is published if you find errors you need to fix or if you have more information you wish to add to the hub you can edit it at any time. Just click edit next to the hub’s title in your stats page, make the changes, and click done editing at the top of the page to save the changes.

(2) You can delete your hubs at any time.

On some sites, when you publish your work you are not allowed to delete it. If anything you have to contact admin or support and request that your work be removed from their site and there is no guarantee that your request will be processed and if processed then quickly. With HubPages there is no such thing. If you want to delete any of your hubs for whatever reason you can do so yourself and do it at any time. Just click on the hub and once it loads hit delete. Your hub will be removed from the site and will no longer be accessible to others.

(3) When people comment on whatever you publish you decide which comments should be displayed and which should not.

When someone comments on your published hubs you decide if those comments are spam or are too generic and should therefore be deleted, or if they are worthy of being displayed on your hubs. So, whenever someone leaves a comment on your hubs it will not appear until you approve it. This way you can make sure that spam comments or those that do not add any value to the hubs do not appear on your hubs. To be able to do that, however, you have to make sure that your comment settings show “yes” next to “Comments must be approved before they appear.” If “no” is selected all comments will automatically appear on your hubs whether you want them to or not, which is not what you want. And while you are there you can also change your settings to only allow signed-in users to post comments. This will help combat spam as most likely HubPages users will not spam you or give very generic comments.

(4) If you have questions about anything related to the site you can get the answers you are looking for right away.

If there is something about HubPages that you are not sure about or don’t know the answers to just browse the forums and you will find what you are looking for right away. If you can’t find the answers you are looking for just submit your own thread and someone will reply to it right away.

(5) HubPages lets you make money with your published work.

It’s nice to be able to make some money from your writing. HubPages is actually a revenue sharing website that lets you do that. It gives you the opportunity to publish your work on their site while being able to earn from it and through different mediums. These include Google AdSense, Amazon Associates (Amazon’s Affiliate Program), HubPages Ad Program, HubPages Amazon Program and eBay.

Whatever earnings program you choose to participate in the revenue will be split 60/40 with 60 going to you and 40 to HubPages. So for example, if you decide to use Amazon Associates on HubPages 60% of the time it will be your Amazon Associates account that’s active and 40% of the time it will be the HubPages’ Amazon Associates account that’s active.

To participate in any of these earnings programs you have to have an already existing account in each one with the exception of the HubPages Ad Program, which requires an existing AdSense account and the HubPages Amazon Program, which doesn’t require you to have an account. If you already have AdSense, Amazon Associates or eBay accounts you have to link those accounts with your HubPages account to be able to earn. Just go to the Earnings page in your HubPages account to link them. While there you can opt-in to the HubPages Ad Program as well since all you need is a valid AdSense account to be able to participate.

If you don’t already have an existing account in any of these programs you will have to sign up and then when you get approved link the accounts with HubPages. Before you can sign up for these accounts you will have to first publish some hubs otherwise your applications will most likely be rejected. I believe 15 hubs is your best bet when signing up for AdSense. This gives you a higher chance of getting approved. Not sure what it is for Amazon, and if you need any at all, as I applied for Amazon Associates much later than I did for AdSense and I already had a portfolio of work published on HubPages at the time.

If you earn anything with AdSense Google will be the one to pay you and you need to earn $100 with them to be able to get paid. If you earn anything with Amazon Associates Amazon will pay you. You need to earn only $10 to get paid. If you earn anything with the HubPages Ad Program or the HubPages Amazon Program HubPages will be the one to pay you. Both programs combined require having earned $50 to get paid.

(6) HubPages lets you earn accolades (awards) that are displayed on your profile. 

As writers we love to get awarded something. HubPages actually does this. Being a member on the site, publishing content and being active in the community can earn you accolades. Some of the accolades you can earn are:

  • Being a member of the site for x amount of  years
  • Publishing x amount of hubs
  • Having x amount of simultaneously featured hubs
  • Having x amount of followers on HubPages
  • Your hubs being read x amount of times
  • Your questions having inspired the creation of x amount of answers
  • Answering x amount of questions
  • Being a level I, II, III, etc. commenter, leaving engaging and insightful comments
  • Having x amount of Editor’s Choice hubs
  • Being popular among readers
  • Your hubs starting great discussions in the comments
  • Writing engaging hubs that readers read from start to finish
  • Having a hub chosen as hub of the day

Now that you know some of the benefits of writing for HubPages will you consider joining the site if you are yet a member?

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