Best Trends for Older Women in 5 Jewelry Categories


There’s some exciting fashion on the runways this Fall/Winter, and a lot from which older women can choose to look fabulous. Be-jewelled and beaded hair barrettes for the up-do is back in full swing. And some surprising retro trends are in the mix, too! Let’s have a closer look at what’s making women, and especially older women, look sensational this Season! Here are the best trends for older women if 5 jewelry categories.

Pearl culture

Pearls are back in full swing this season. Freshwater or cultured or the inexpensive variety are showing up in necklaces, bracelets, brooches, earrings and rings. There’s nothing more classic then pearls and nothing looks more elegant on the older woman.



This is definitely the season for necklaces. And even though pearls are taking over, literally with a twist- almost choker-style around the neck, but also in graceful long, layered pearl necklaces. And bling is now more sophisticated in the form of fabulous crystal choker necklaces, which are sensational for more formal or dress up attire. Either fine and supple as lace or wide and bold, crystal is also making a statement. And these can easily grace the older woman’s wardrobe as they are classic and elegant.

The twisted metal look choker can be worn by the older woman as long as it’s not too wide and chunky. These give off a kind of futuristic appearance or even a sculptured jewelry look that is very big right now.

The new metal or beaded breast plate style on a bare neck or neutral clothing is popular as well. But be careful here, as they can get really elaborate and trendy and may be too much for the more mature woman. Many available styles are less over-stated- still attractive but more subtle and won’t weigh you down.

Also in the mix and as a contrast to this more edgy metal look are minimalist, the more feminine retro-look and beautiful floral necklaces. There is no shortage of choice though, this season and you’ll have to agree when you see the video below.

Best Jewelry Trends For Older Women in 5 Categories

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Best jewelry trends for older women in 5 categories

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2 and 3-Bracelets and Brooches

Not only are hair adornments big again, bracelets and brooches are as big as ever. And just like the wide collar, choker-look- the wide bracelet that almost looks like cuffs in a twisted metal look is here. If you have long, thinnish arms, these can be worn by mature women as long as they are not too extreme and overdone.

But, at the same time, soft, layers of bracelets- beaded or gold or silver are also showing, so anything really goes.And remember the gold bangles? Here’s where you regret selling all your bracelets on eBay last year!

And look out for rows of pearls, beads with a touch of intertwining bling, and bauble bracelets.

Note:The older woman might want to use discretion with the extreme bracelet look as it can tend to be distracting and garish. The key- moderation.

Brooches are big too in more ways than one- so bring out some of your old jewelry and have some fun. Old world pieces and retro are all the rage, and larger pieces are popular and still dress up that plain coat, jacket, or dress.  

Best Jewelry Trends for Older Women in 5 Categories

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4 and 5- Earrings and Rings

Statement rings, bling rings, and multiple rings on one finger all are big this year. You can give your jewelry box a little attention and bring out your fun pieces from the past..

Along with drop and swing-type earrings- Earrings are noticeable and fun this season. The one large earing look that graces your cheek is also in but you’d have to keep it sleek and subtle to make it work for the older woman.

Maybe Not

Beaded and jewel-studded head pieces, bands, head phones and ear muffs are a common sight on the runways but may not be picked up too much in real life, especially for the older woman.For one thing they look overly regal and may be too dressy for everyday life, even for younger women.

Facial piercings are over the top too and too many may be a regret for any woman who decides to be-jewel their face with pearls etc. The best advice is never do anything permanent.

This season has something for everyone and an unbelievable choice in jewelry. A huge personal bonus is that you may be able to wear some of those unused pieces sitting in your jewelry case. One thing for sure, if you love jewelry, you’re going to have a blast- with  these best trends for older women in 5 jewelry categories.

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