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email etiquette rulesEmail Etiquette Rules Are Important

Why should we bother with email etiquette rules? There is always a right way and wrong way to do things, even with something as every day as writing an email. That is the reason that common sense email etiquette rules exist. Here are 5 of the most common sense, yet vitally important, email etiquette rules you should always follow.


Email Etiquette Rule 1 – Why Apologize

When you talk to your friends do you start out every conversation with an apology? No, I did not think so. Therefore, why would you start an email out with that terrible phrase, “sorry to bother you”. ┬áIf you are not spamming, you have nothing to apologize for. In business, especially, your message is probably asking someone just to do their normal job. For that, you do them a favor by being direct in explaining your request and saving valuable time.


Email Etiquette Rules 2 – Only CC Useful Information

When you send a friend or associate an email using the address notation CC, ask yourself why. Make sure the information in that “carbon copy” you are sending is useful to anyone you add to that address line. Before computers, copiers, and electric typing machines, no one took the time and trouble to handle messy carbon paper in order to avoid retyping the letter completely a 2nd time. That was only done when it was important to both the sender and recipient of the important information in the letter or message.


Email Etiquette Rules 3 – Greatly Restrict the Use of Blind Carbon Copies

There is only one difference between the rule about sending either a CC, carbon copy or BCC, blind carbon copy. That difference is that you do not want the To address to necessarily know that a copy has bee sent to someone else. If the message you intend to BCC to the entire city is not vitally important to each and every one, Do Not Do It.


Email Etiquette Rules 4 – Grammar is Good, Even In Emails

There are several good reasons for always using the best grammar you are capable of. In my opinion, the best reason is that incorrect grammar can, at times, completely change the meaning of your message. This is important to do when communicating with friends, to avoid misunderstandings. In business, correct grammar is your best defense against errors which can be costly.


Email Etiquette Rules 5 – Leave the Graphics for Links to Infographics

Using infographics is an excellent way to make complex topics easier to grasp and understand. I find them very useful when the topic is important to me. Graphics and weird fonts do not belong in the text of an email.

When you write in a serious manner, people will also consider your message in the same way. That could have been the sixth email etiquette rule because it is more important that all the rest.

Fun Video Poking Fun About Bad Email Etiquette Consequences

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