Q: Does it cost anything for me to write here?

A: No.

Q: How will I be paid?

Writers will earn via their Google Adsense account. You’ll find a spot to put in your Google Adsense information under the Profile tab in the WordPress Dashboard.  There will be instructions on that page. Google Adsense will pay you when your earnings reaches $100.

You can also earn via affiliate links.  You can have Amazon links, Commission Junction links and other relevant links.  If you’re not sure if you can use it you can ask via the forum or the Facebook Group (links are at the bottom of this page).

Q: How do I submit a post?

A: Tutorial here

Q: Can I write about anything I want?

A: Almost.  There are some topics that are banned by Google Adsense and should not be written about here including (but not limited to): adult, promotion of drugs (including herbal), promotions of alcohol and cigarettes, gambling, hacking, “pay-to-click” sites, extreme violence, hate content, racism, and promotion of weaponry.

Q: Can I copy an interesting article I find online and paste it here to be published?

A: No.  This is copyright infringement (and is also against Google Adsense’s terms of service) and is against the law.  We have a zero tolerance policy and anyone found doing this will have their account deleted immediately.

Q: Can I publish an article here that I have published somewhere else, like on my blog or another article site?

A: No.  Please publish ONLY your own original, never published before content here.  If you have removed an article from another site or your own site and would like to publish it here that is ok but it MUST be de-indexed by Google first.  You can check to see if it is de-indexed by copying a random sentence from your article, pasting it into Google search with quotes around it, and searching. If your old article shows up it is not de-indexed yet.

Q: Will my articles be published immediately after I submit them?

A: When you sign up, your first 3 articles will be sent to pending.  Once you have submitted 3 articles, you should send an email to [email protected] with “Review request” in the subject line.  Include your username for the site and request a review.  Please give us 24-72 hours to review your account. If there are no problems, they will be published and you will be promoted to self-publishing status.  If your articles need revisions, they will be sent back to draft. If you find that it has gone back to draft mode, click Edit and you will likely find a note at the top right of your article giving you some information about what might need adjusting. Some writers may need to publish more than 3 articles before they can demonstrate that they are able to publish articles without viewing by the editors.

If, after a minimum of 6 submissions, your articles have to continually be sent back to draft because of the quality of English in your articles, we reserve the right to close your account. You will be emailed and given the choice of leaving your edited articles up to continue to earn OR removing your articles along with your account so that you can use them elsewhere. QUALITY ENGLISH skills is a requirement of writing on this site.

**NOTE: If you publish something that is obvious a spun article/spam, it will be deleted and your account will be deleted without warning.  PLEASE do not spin articles or spam the site with links. Also, anyone who plagiarizes content from other sources (that includes PDF’s, slide presentations, and books) may have their account deleted without notice.

Q: Can I use pictures?

A: Yes you can use pictures.  In fact, it is required

Q: When I can use pictures, can I use any picture I find online?

A: No.  You can use your own pictures or copyright free pictures.  Please cite your source or state that the picture belongs to you.

We have a tool to find pictures from Pixabay.com  – a source for copyright free pictures.  Although Pixabay doesn’t require attribution for it’s pictures to be used WE still require that you include a source so that we can verify it if need be.  To add a Pixabay picture click on the Pixabay when you are in the post editor.  Make sure that your cursor is placed where you want the picture to appear.  Put in a search term. Choose a picture/size.  Copy the code in the “caption” area. Choose alignment and size for your photo. Click on Use as Featured image and then click on Upload.  Once it is in your post, click on the picture again, click on the pencil, then paste the code you copied into the caption box. You can just include the link if you do not want it to be a clickable link.  If you choose to make it a clickable link remember that this counts as one of your outbound links.

Please also note that not all pictures on Wikipedia are free to use.  To be safe, look for pictures from Wikipedia in the WikiMedia Commons files.

When you choose to use pictures from another source you must cite your source so that it can be verified.  If you are using a picture from a source where it is not obvious that you have permission to use it you MUST forward us the email from the source that states that you have permission to use it. Send these emails to [email protected]

According to Google Adsense, you CANNOT use pictures of nude body parts or pictures that are sexually suggestive.  Note:

AdSense is a family-safe network. Our policy regarding adult or mature content may include any material that is not appropriate for all audiences. While this obviously includes full nudity or sexual activity, it may also include textually explicit sexual content, image or video content containing lewd or provocative poses, strategically covered nudity, see-through or sheer clothing, and close-ups of anatomy that would be inappropriate if shown nude. Additionally, topics such as sexual health and sex tips may be held to a higher standard of professionalism than content that isn’t bordering on mature. Even if there’s no adult content hosted on your page, links to adult sites or displaying adult ads from a third party will also be considered as adult content. When in doubt about whether an image or text might be construed as adult content, our general guideline is this: if you wouldn’t want a child to see the content, or if you would be embarrassed to view the page in front of colleagues, then it’s probably not family-safe and you shouldn’t place AdSense ad code on it.

Q: Can I write my articles in a language other than English?

A: No – English only please.

Q: Do I need to bother with spell check or worry about grammar?

A: Yes!  Please proofread your articles carefully for spelling, grammar, and readability by an English speaking/reading audience. This includes titles, categories, and tags as well.

Q: Is there a required word count?

A: Yes.  Please make all articles 100 words or longer (if there are no links – see the next section for our link policy). It must be a top 5 list at the very minimum. We reserve the right not to publish a post or to unpublish a post that is 100 words or longer but we feel has no value.  We will likely send you an email about why we chose not to publish it.  Also please note that if you use a quote in your article is does not count towards the minimum 100 word post count. But remember that articles that are 300 words or longer are much more likely to be indexed well by search engines!

Quotes do not count towards your word count.  You must have 100 words of ORIGINAL content.

Q: Can I use unlimited tags and/or categories?

A. No. We allow a maximum of 2 categories and 6 tags per article. This is to avoid being flagged as spam and possibly even incur search engine penalties. We also don’t allow one word tags.

If you need help getting your tags focused enough to meet our limits please see http://writedge.com/blog/stop-losing-money/ and http://writedge.com/blog/format-tags-seo-and-category-guidelines/

Q: Can I include links in my articles?

A: Yes.  You can include 1 outgoing link for the first 300 words and an additional link for every extra 100 words that are added with a maximum of 5 links per post.  IF you write a list that is Top 50+ we will allow additional links above the 5. This can be a link to other articles or blog posts that you have written OR an Amazon affiliate link (IF you do choose to include an Amazon affiliate link please make sure that it is related to the article and that it is relevant to the topic). This also includes picture attribution links. You can use other affiliate programs, too, but please make sure that they are to products you actually support.  If we think it is a scammy or unreliable product we may remove the link at our discretion. You can interlink your own or others’ articles within Listofied, within reason and these will not count towards your  outbound links but they must be relevant to your content.

ALL LINKS MUST BE CONTEXTUAL!  That means that you cannot say, “See this site for more info,” or “ABC.com can provide you with more information on this subject.”  In other words, don’t direct people off the site.  Instead, you should include your link like this: “Freelance writing, designing graphics, and eBay selling are some of the ways that you can earn money online.”

All links (including those in pictures) should be AFTER the first paragraph (or two paragraphs if your first one is less than 4 sentences in length).

We reserve the right to delete links, without notice, that we feel are to non-reputable sites.

Q: Can I comment on my own posts?

A: Only if you are responding to someone please!  Don’t comment on your posts for no particular reason.

**Also, regarding commenting, please make sure your comments have value.  Posts like “Thanks, great post” or “I agree” have no value.  If you want to comment please leave a comment that adds value to the page overall.  And make sure that comments are not rude.  Consider your wording carefully if  you are disagreeing with someone.  If you can disagree without being rude it might be better to not comment at all.

Q: Where can a writer connect with other writers and Listofied Owners to ask questions, get advice or share knowledge?

A: The OFFICIAL Harlow-McGaw Media Support Group

Community Forums (just for writers)

Email: [email protected]

Business Hours: 9 AM – 5 PM PST/ Monday – Friday