5 Tricks to Play on the Microsoft Scammers

We’ve all received that call from the supposed Microsoft technical department wanting to fix something on our computer. All we have to do is give them online access and some passwords. So annoying and we all know it is a scam. If anyone falls for it, terrible things happen to their computer and sensitive information is stolen. Ugh!

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Why not have a little fun the next time these scammers call. I asked some friends how they dealt with it and they suggested these creative ways to annoy the heck out of the caller.

  1. Hand the call to your toddler who loves to chatter gibberish into the phone. The scammer will try to recite their routine spiel and your little one gets entertainment at the same time.
  2. Tell them you’re having a power failure and can’t turn on your computer.
  3. Waste their time by keeping them on the phone. Pretend to be hard of hearing and make them repeat everything.
  4. Tell them you don’t own a computer. Ask them if they can fix your microwave. Describe the problems you are having with it.
  5. Ask the scammer to wait a minute while you turn on the computer. Put the phone down by the television and let them listen to it until they get discouraged and hang up.
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I’ve found there’s a gadget to deal with these annoying calls. It’s the T-Lock Call Blocker – Block Robocalls, Telemarketers, Nuisance, Charities, Politicans, Unknown, Private, Out-of-Area, Solicitors, Junk Faxes, Scammers, etc.¬†Wow, that sounds like it covers all those aggravating scammers, not just the “Microsoft” computer fixer ones.

Tell us your tips for dealing with phone solicitors. I bet you have some good ideas. Just leave a note in the comments section.


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