Top 10 Stress Management Tips for Women

It used to be that men were more likely to suffer from stress related diseases than women.  Now, women are experiencing more stress related illnesses because they are doing more than ever before. Not only are women still doing the majority of the child care, cooking, and housework, but they are also managing careers that are high stress.

If this sounds like you, these 10 stress management tips will help!

#1 Make Your Workplace Relaxing

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Need to reduce the stress in your life? Sometimes it is the little things that can make a difference.

Start by putting up relaxing scenes in your work place or in your home – where ever it is that you feel the most stress really.

Personally, I love anything that has to do with water. I have a couple of zen pictures of rocks in water and a few beach scenes in my office. These are calming and relaxing to me. I love waterfalls and lakes and rivers, too.

#2 Create a List

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One of the reasons that we get stressed out is because we have a lot to do and we are not sure what to do next. Having a to-do list can help.

A good to-do list gives you direction. It is prioritized so that you know what are the most important things on the list. When you’re not sure what you should be doing, you can consult your list and get back on track.

The other good thing about a to-do list is that it is very satisfying to cross off the completed items. When you see how much you are accomplishing you feel better and you will feel more productive. Feeling like you have accomplished a lot will decrease the stress that you are feeling.

#3 Take Time to do Things That Make You Happy

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You can’t do it all. I know society makes you think that you can but you can’t. You need to take a time out once in awhile. You need to make time for yourself.

Every day we have things we need to do that involves taking care of others so why shouldn’t we take care of ourselves, too? We all need to do things that just make us happy.

What makes you happy? Try some of these things:

  • Read a book
  • Put headphones on and listen to music while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea or your beverage of choice and doing nothing else!
  • Go for a walk.
  • Join a club where you can be with other people.
  • Take some time to phone someone you actually like talking to – preferably an adult.
  • Write in a journal.

#4 Create a Pleasant Work Space

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No matter where you work or what kind of job you have, you likely have some kind of work station where you keep all of your supplies and the things you need to do your job. Sometimes it is not very productive though.

Here are a few things you can do to make your work station a better place to work and a less stressful place to get your job done:

  1. Clean it up. Clutter makes things hard to find and that can cause stress.
  2. Personalize it. Seeing pictures of someone you love or something that makes you happy can relive your stress levels.
  3. Keep a stress ball or something similar near by. When you are trying to figure out a problem it sometimes help to have something physical that will prevent you from getting too worried about it.
  4. Schedule breaks and take them away from your work station. Sitting in the same spot (or standing) all day long isn’t good for the brain!

#5 Get Some Plants

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Plants can be very therapeutic. Studies have shown that looking at green things can be calming so even if you can’t have real plants get a nice silk plant. Real plants are so much nicer though.

Not everyone has a green thumb though so if you are not a good plant person there are some sturdier plants that you can choose. Try one of these:

  • A cactus plant only has to be watered every few weeks and most of them do flower at certain times of the year.
  • Chinese Evergreen is a sturdy plant that is also very lush and attractive.
  • Grape Ivy is a hanging plant that that can also creep up a vine.
  • Fiddlleaf Fig is an indoor tree that is very strong and attractive.

#6 Exercise

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One of the best cures for stress is exercise. Any kind of exercise is good for you but stuff that is fast and easy to do often works best for those who are at work.

Some of the exercises you can to at work include:

  • Walking (even better if you do it outside and get the fresh air!)
  • Climbing stairs
  • Jumping rope

Exercise releases endorphins and these are chemicals in the brain that help your body to relax and stay calm. If you are in any pain at all, endorphins can also be helpful as they are natural pain killers

If you are at home these exercises can work well too, but you can also do things like exercise videos. If you don’t have any try one of the free videos you can find on YouTube.

#7 Get Rid of Clutter

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Clutter can be one of the biggest stressors in women’s lives. It doesn’t seem to bother men and kids as much but it sure bothers us!

In order to get rid of the stress in your life start by getting rid of the clutter. Here’s a few tips:

  • Work at it in 10-15 minute segments.
  • Every day pick an area of the house or workplace (like a drawer) and spend 15 minutes decluttering it.
  • Take 5 minutes before you go to bed to declutter something in your room.
  • Before you begin your work day declutter your work space.
  • Put things away every day before you leave work.

When you work in small time frames to declutter spaces it doesn’t seem like such a big deal and you will begin to feel less stress.

#8 Say No & Set Boundaries

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Let’s face it ladies – saying no can be hard and a lot of us don’t do it. As a result we ended up having too much on our plate. We need to set boundaries of what we are and are not able to do and we need to make them known.

Boundary setting can be done in the home and in the work place and when you make your boundaries known, others will understand them, too.

Boundaries you might consider setting:

  • When you are available to talk on the phone
  • When you are available to help people
  • What is YOUR time?
  • Activities you will and won’t do
  • How much time you are willing to spend volunteering

Set boundaries with your friends, your family, and your co-workers and you will find that a lot of your stress is eliminated because people don’t ask as much of you.

#9 Cut Back on Coffee/Tea 

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How many cups of coffee do you drink a day? You might think that it is keeping you awake but the truth is that it is also likely making you feel more stress. It is a stimulant so too much coffee can add to your stress levels.

Try drinking more water instead of coffee. It’s not as – well, it’s not coffee, but it will make you feel better in the long run. When you are more hydrated you will have more energy and having more energy will make you feel less stressed out.

You might also consider drinking a calming tea like chamomile.

#10 Eat Breakfast

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Start your day with breakfast. Yes, eat breakfast, even if you don’t feel like it. People who eat breakfast every day have more energy and get more protein and both of those will contribute to lower levels of stress.

It can be hard to eat breakfast every day – especially if you’ve developed the habit of not eating breakfast. But once you start and stick with it for a week or two you will start to notice that you are feeling a lot better.

Plan ahead so that you have lots of breakfast items ready. Keep some food that you can cook for the days when you have more time and keep other items for eating on the go. Instant oatmeal can be a great breakfast that you can eat as you are getting ready and it is hot so it makes you feel all cozy. Breakfast bars can be good too, but avoid the ones that are high in sugars as they will just give you a sugar high and you will crash mid-morning and feel worse.

What is your top stress management tip?  Leave a comment and share with us!


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