Top 5 Myths About Exercise to Lose Weight

Top 5 Myths About Exercise to Lose WeightIf you’re using exercise to lose weight, you will have come across a number of myths on the subject. People will say all sorts as excuses not to move more, or as “reasons” for gaining weight. It’s time to know the truth from lies. Here are the top five myths about exercise to lose weight that you need to be aware of.

Muscle Weighs More Than Fat

I’ll start with one that I hear all the time. The truth is that this is just a saying that is worded badly, and there is some truth behind it. However, when talking about weight, a pound of muscle will weigh just the same as a pound of fat. The difference is size. That pound of muscle is going to be much smaller than a pound of fat.

If you have enough muscle to take up the space that your fat originally did, you would weigh more. Getting to that size is a completely different matter. Your 30 minutes in the gym five days a week isn’t going to do that for you, so don’t use it as an excuse when you gain weight.

So why do you gain weight when you suddenly start exercising? There are a few reasons for this, including the muscles retaining water to repair when you start. There’s also a lot more going on inside your body that affects your weight. If you’re worried about weight gain due to exercise, take your waist and chest measurements to track your inch loss.

It’s Best to Exercise in the Morning to Lose Fat

What time is best to exercise to lose weight? Many people say the morning, but there’s no evidence to support this. The truth is that it doesn’t matter what time you exercise (same as eat). Your metabolic rate doesn’t change throughout the day.

It’s important to exercise at a time that suits you. Many people prefer the morning because it gets it out of the way and makes them feel more awake. Some people prefer lunch time when the gym is quieter. Others like to do it after work, or will split it up throughout the day.

Muscle Turns to Fat Once You Stop Exercising

Muscle and fat are two very different things, and they cannot turn into each other. That means your fat isn’t turning into muscle when you do exercise!

So, why does your body feel fatter when you stop exercising as much? One of the biggest reasons is that you’re gaining fat on top of the muscle. This is especially the case if you don’t change your eating pattern. Many people still eat the same amount of calories!

Another reason is that your muscle turns flabby, and it gives the same appearance as fat. It’s understandable why this myth about exercise to lose weight is so popular.

You Shouldn’t Exercise Before You Eat

Exercise to lose weightFor the best weight loss, one of the myths about exercise is that you should exercise after food. It’s supposed to give you the energy you need. Again, there’s no evidence to support this claim.

The important thing to do is to not skip your meals. If you feel faint before exercising, you will need something; a banana is a great source of energy before a workout.

If you eat before exercising, you run the risk of the food not digesting properly. You need to give yourself two to four hours to allow your food to digest.

You’re Too Fat to Exercise

Yes, this is something I’ve heard. I’ve even heard doctors say it! And this is the most ridiculous myths about exercise I’ve ever heard.

No, you’re definitely not too fat. But you may not find exercise easy.

It’s important to do something that suits your current fitness levels. Start just by moving more throughout the day, such as standing more from your desk or taking the stairs instead of the lift. From there, you can start walking further and tracking the number of steps you do throughout the day.

Swimming is a great form of exercise to lose weight. Don’t worry about what others think when you’re in your swimming costume. In fact, you’ll find most people don’t care and thing “good for you” for getting in there. Remember, once you’re in the pool, the water will make you feel weightless and nobody will see your shape.

The more exercise you do, the fitter you will feel. You’ll start to see the pounds drop off, and your breathing will be better. Of course, that leads to being about to do more exercise.

It really is time to bust the myths about exercise to lose weight. Many of the things you hear aren’t true, and they’re there as excuses for not doing more. You can exercise, and you can lose weight. Good luck!

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